Here are a few tips that may help you.

Avoid napping during the day - Hot weather can make us feel a bit lethargic during the day because we use more energy to regulate our internal temperature. If your sleep is disturbed at night, try to avoid napping during the day. Sleepiness can be precious, keep it for bedtime.

Keep to routines - Hot weather can encourage you to change your habits. Don't. That can disrupt sleep. Try to keep to your usual bedtime routines. Do the things you normally do before bed.

Do the basics - Take steps to make sure your bedroom is as cool as it can be at night. During the day, close the curtains or blinds to keep the sun out. Make sure you close the windows on the sunny side of your home, to keep hot air out. Open all the windows before you go to bed, to get a through breeze.

Use thin sheets - Reduce your bedding but keep covers handy. Thin cotton sheets will absorb sweat. However hot it is in your bedroom; your body temperature will fall during the night. That's why we sometimes wake up feeling cold.

Stay hydrated - Drink enough water throughout the day but avoid drinking very large amounts before bed. You probably don't want to wake up thirsty - but you don't want to take an additional trip to the bathroom in the early hours either.

Beware what you drink - Be careful about soft drinks. Many contain large amounts of caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and makes us feel more awake. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as well. Many people drink more when the weather is hot. Alcohol might help us fall asleep but it promotes early morning waking and a poorer quality of sleep overall.

Stay calm - If you're struggling to sleep, get up and do something calming. Try reading, writing, or even folding your socks. Just make sure you don't play on your phone or a video game - the blue light makes us feel less sleepy and the activity is stimulating. Return to bed when you feel sleepy.

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