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Buying a new bed or mattress is a major and expensive purchase, but so many people still leave them exposed to discolouring and staining by not using a mattress protector.  An unprotected mattress can become marked or stained quite quickly as natural perspiration produced throughout the night passes through your sheets.These unsightly marks can be avoided with the purchase of a decent mattress protector that will help to keep your mattress clean and fresh. The fact is, we lose over a pint and a half of body moisture every night while sleeping, most of it directly into our beds. Unfortunately most mattresses absorb moisture, which plays a significant part in the break down and deterioration of internal fillings and springs.  Our quilted mattress protectors not only protect your mattress against dust and stains, its unique combination of materials help to keep you both warm in winter and cool in summer and therefore is perfect for use all year round.Our wetsafe mattress protector has 100% natural soft cotton outer with a breathable polyurethane coating barrier to guard against liquid penetration. The combination of moisture and your own body warmth creates an ideal breeding ground for the house dust mite, which are a major cause of allergies. It not only acts as a barrier, reducing the moisture and dead skin from entering the mattress, but is also treated to help further reduce asthma, eczema and other dust mite related allergies.

It's a fact: within one month your new mattress will have absorbed over 30 litres of fluid and 60 million dead skin cells meaning fungus and bacteria will already be forming.

It's a fact: every new mattress will be home to over 2 million dust mites within 3 months if you leave it unprotected.

Protecting your new mattress from stains and spills will help to keep your new mattress in perfect condition, and will also protect your guarantee. 

The guarantee of your new bed or mattress can be invalidated if badly stained or soiled.