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All about bedroom furniture

When it comes to selecting bedroom furniture, making the right choices can make all the difference.  Here, we answer the most common questions about choosing bedroom furniture, ensuring your boudoir is both functional and fabulous.

Why is choosing the right bedroom furniture so important?

The bedroom is our personal sanctuary. The right bedroom furniture not only enhances its aesthetics but also ensures comfort and functionality. Selecting durable, high-quality furniture represents a wise long-term investment, providing years of service while reducing the need for frequent replacements. Properly chosen and arranged furniture also facilitates a seamless flow within the room, enhancing movement and safety.

How do I start with my bedroom furniture selection?

Although it can seem overwhelming, choosing the right bedroom furniture can be a straightforward process if you follow a few simple steps. Start by jotting down what you really need, like a larger bed or more storage and measuring your bedroom to see what will fit. 

Set a budget so you don’t overspend and decide on a style, whether that's modern or classic. Always start by picking the bed frame since it's the main piece, then find items that match it. Try looking for smart furniture that can serve multiple purposes, like ottoman beds or accent benches with concealed storage. 

Picture where everything will go in your room to ensure a neat layout and try and focus on getting good-quality items rather than lots of cheaper ones. Lastly, review your choices to make sure they fit well together and meet your needs.

What storage options are there?

Whether you are furnishing a guest room or you are about to embark on a makeover for the master bedroom, choosing the right storage is key to creating a tranquil bedroom setting. Smaller items such as bedside tables offer a variety of storage options, while our double and triple wardrobes offer hanging space with top shelves or hanging space with drawers below.

When it comes to folded items, our range of chest of drawer units offer a wide selection and combination of storage options from 1 drawer right up to 12 drawers to cater for all your storage needs. 3+2 drawer chests have standard size drawers for bulkier items of clothing, while the half size drawers above are ideal for all your smalls and accessories.

Dressing tables create the perfect haven for you to pamper yourself for the day ahead with all your favourite products close at hand. Most dressing tables incorporate storage drawers for all your trinkets, with matching mirrors or dressing table stools available for your convenience and comfort.

Available in either wooden of fabric finishes, blanket boxes or storage units are practical and versatile additions to any bedroom settings. Normally situated at the foot of the bed, blanket boxes are an ideal storage unit for a multitude of items such as, spare bedding, out-of-season clothing or your ever-growing shoe collection. They’re also perfect for kid’s bedroom, providing a hiding place for all the clutter that normally lies on the floor.

Should I choose a matching furniture set or mix and match different pieces?

Choosing between matching furniture sets or a mix-and-match approach depends on your style and needs.

Matching Furniture Sets offer a clean and unified look. It's easier because everything already goes together, and the quality is usually consistent. However, the downside is that the room might lack a personal touch and can feel too "by the book". Plus, if one piece gets damaged, finding a matching replacement can sometimes be tricky.

On the other hand, a mix and match approach gives your room a unique flavour, reflecting your personal style. You can change things up over time and often work within a budget by sourcing pieces from different places. However, this approach can take more effort. You'll need to ensure the pieces complement each other, and there's a risk of ending up with mismatched items or varying quality levels.

For many, a blend of both—some matching pieces combined with a few standout items—offers the best of both worlds, ensuring cohesion with a dash of personality.

What's the most essential piece of bedroom furniture?

The bed stands out as the most essential piece of bedroom furniture. Its primary role is to offer a comfortable place for rest and rejuvenation and from a design perspective, it often becomes the focal point around which the room's decor revolves. 

Moreover, with the evolving designs of modern furniture, many beds now incorporate practical features like additional storage, marrying comfort with functionality. While other furniture like wardrobes and nightstands play their part, the bed undeniably remains the heart of the bedroom.

How can I incorporate storage without compromising style?

Incorporating storage into your bedroom without sacrificing style is all about merging function with aesthetics. Start with furniture that multitasks: beds with built-in drawers and bedside tables that offer both open and closed storage are ideal. A sliding door wardrobe not only saves space but can be organised internally with a blend of shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces to stow away everything neatly.

To further optimise your space, consider adding floating shelves or corner units, which are both stylish and practical. Decorative baskets, boxes, and wall-mounted hooks can transform everyday items into decorative displays. And don't forget about often-overlooked spots: behind-the-door organisers or storage benches at the foot of the bed can provide ample storage without cluttering the room. The trick is in selecting storage solutions that harmonise with your bedroom's decor, so each addition feels cohesive rather than an afterthought.

How often should I update or replace my bedroom furniture?

Deciding when to update or change your bedroom furniture depends on a few things. If you bought strong, good-quality furniture, it can last a long time, maybe even decades. But cheaper stuff might wear out faster. Think about how much you use it; furniture in a room you use a lot might need replacing sooner. Kids' rooms might need updates as they grow up, while adults might want a change if their taste or the latest styles change. 

Over time, even the best furniture can get scratched or broken. Sometimes, a quick fix can make them look new again. While some furniture can last up to 15 years, it's a good idea to check how it's doing every 5-7 years and decide if you want a change.

In conclusion, choosing the right bedroom furniture requires a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personal preference. By addressing these questions, you’re on the right path to creating a bedroom that's truly your own.