Sofa beds are fantastic for last minute guests - they fold down in seconds and can also be used as a living room sofa during the day. Save yourself the hassle of blow up beds and sleeping bags, our inexpensive sofa beds are the ideal solution.

Our click clack sofa beds offer the fastest transformation from sofa to bed. The mechanism allows the sofa back to simply fold down and create a flat sleeping surface. Similarly, it folds up into place in the same quick fashion. These click clack sofabeds are available in both faux leather and fabric variations, including colours ranging from brown to black to red.

The other type of sofa bed that we sell at Archers uses either a 2-fold or 3-fold mechanism. These have sofa arms and cushions which disguise them as normal looking sofas during the day. Then the bed pulls out from within the frame of the sofa and folds down to leave a sleeping surface big enough for 2 people. The mattress is usually made from solid foam - it folds easily and offers durable comfort and support.

These pull out sofa beds are slightly more expensive but are often more substantial and offer a more authentic sofa look. The mattress in most cases is 120cm wide, which is the same as a UK small double mattress. We recommend these sofa beds for occasional use. If you are likely to have guests staying over regularly then we suggest buying a bed frame or divan bed.

A lot of our sofa beds can be delivered on a free next day service. So if you have guests coming to stay and need something in a rush, we definitely have something for you. Don't hesitate and miss out on our great price offers, order online today.