There are a number of reasons for using a divan base such as, it raises the mattress height, it makes it easier to get in and out of bed and provides a flat structure for your mattress to rest upon.

At the end of the day, a divan base or box spring as they are more commonly known, are simply upholstered boxes to keep your mattress off the floor and they can be either firm top or sprung.

Firm top bases are known as platform top bases and have a timber construction; this is a cheaper option to sprung bases. A platform top base will make a mattress feel firmer.

Originally bases were shallow in depth (5' or 7') and sat on legs, but deep divan bases are more commonly used these days, although you can still get some models on legs too.

Sprung bases are more expensive and more luxurious than platform bed bases because of the additional materials and craftsmanship required to manufacture a spring base.

They have a shallower timber frame than a platform base and feature a top layer of springs to provide a cushioned and comfortable support for your mattress.

The benefit of a spring base is it acts as a shock-absorber and increases the comfort level for your mattress and contributes greatly to its lifespan.

Divan bases come in a variety of storage options such as non-drawer, 2 drawer, 4 drawer, 2+2 continental drawers, ideal for bedside cabinets and ottoman bases for maximum storage space.

They are upholstered in a wide range of colours and fabrics including faux suede, faux leather, chenille and weave covers.

Ottomans are particularly suited to smaller bedrooms as they only use they space they take up, whereas a drawer base requires additional space to pull the drawers out.

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