Whether you need a table for family meals or hosting dinner parties, we're sure to have something that suits your style, budget and matches your dining room furniture.
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What should I look for when buying a dining table set?

Start by measuring your space and deciding how many seats you will need from your dining set. Then decide on a table shape and if you are wanting chairs or other seats, like benches or stools. The final thing to decide is style and colour. From classically designed hardwood sets to modern glass and metal sets, there is something to match every dining room.

What should I think about when choosing a dining table set?

Think about how you plan to use your dining room. If you'll be using the table every day, then find one that is strong and easy to clean. If you plan on hosting and having dinner parties, then a larger set with extendable options might be what you're looking for. Families with your children might look for rounded corners and flexible seating options like dining benches or stools. Sets are available with 2 chair, 4 chair and 6 chair options.

How do I determine the right size dining table set for my room?

The best method is to measure your dining space and decide what would fit. Its advised to leave 90cm of clearance on all sides of the table for chairs and movement. 

What are the benefits of a round dining table set?

Round tables save on space without sacrificing on seating space. They are great for smaller rooms and can make a dining space feel cosier and more intimate.

How many people can I seat with a rectangular dining table set?

It depends on the size of the table. A 180cm wide dining table can comfortably seat 6-8 people and is a great choice for larger spaces. Options start at 110cm and these can seat 4 comfortably and 6 occasionally. Rectangular tables are a great option for large dining rooms.

What materials are best for dining table sets?

Dining table sets are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes. Solid wood dining tables are available with a range of dining chairs, creating different effects. Available in pine, oak and other finishes, wooden tables are a classic choice. Glass, metal and engineered wood options are also available and can be more budget friendly and modern.

Are there extendable dining table sets?

Yes, there are a range of extending sets available. Some have butterfly leaves that open and will extend them in the middle. Others have fold out flaps that add space to one side.

How do I pick the correct height for my dining table and chairs?

A standard dining table is usually 71-76 cm tall. Chairs should be around 46 cm high from the floor to the seat. Taller tables are available. If you choose a taller table, make sure your chairs or stools are the right height so sitting is comfy.

Does the bottom part of a table matter for its use?

Yes, the type of legs a table has, whether a single support in the middle or legs at the corners, changes how much leg room you have, where you can put chairs, and how steady the table is. Tables with one big support in the middle usually let you have more room for your legs and make it easier to fit chairs around. Tables with legs at the corners might not let you put chairs everywhere you want, though they do stand more firmly.

How important is chair comfort in a dining table set?

Extremely important, especially for long meals and gatherings. Look for well-cushioned seats and ergonomic back support.

Can dining table sets be both formal and casual?

Yes, there are a range of dining table and chair sets that fit both settings. These sets have a classic look that will work in both formal and casual environments.

How can I make a small dining table set look bigger?

Glass tables are a great choice for smaller rooms as they help enhance the sense of space. Armless chairs and backless stools and dining benches can fully slide under the table when not in use. 

How do I match a dining table set to my home's décor?

Consider the colour, material, and style of your existing dining room furniture. Look for a set that complements or tastefully contrasts with your home's aesthetic.

Is it better to buy a dining table set or mix and match tables and chairs?

Consider your comfort level with design and whether you want a unified look or a more eclectic style. Buying a set ensures a matching look, but mixing and matching allows you to create a more personal look.

What is the ideal clearance between the dining table and chairs?

The ideal clearance is about 10 to 12 inches from the seat of the chair to the top of the table. This ensures comfort for most adults.

Can I use a bench with my dining table set?

Yes, benches can add a casual and flexible seating option to your dining area. They work well with rectangular tables and are great for smaller rooms.

Can I use my dining table for homework or crafts?

Yes, a dining table can be a great place for homework, crafts, or other projects. Just make sure to protect the table's surface if you're doing something that might scratch or stain it, like using markers or glue.

How can I extend the life of my dining table?

Use protective covers, like place mats, and avoiding placing hot items directly on the table. Cleaning up any spills promptly and avoid using any harsh chemicals when cleaning the table. Further information will be available from the sets manufacturer.

How do I maintain the chairs in my dining table set?

Clean up any spills as soon as they happen and regularly wipe down the chairs. Clean any upholstery according to the fabric care instructions. Regularly tighten the bolts and screws and use felt pads to protect the floor from scratches.

How often should I replace my dining table set?

Quality sets can last many years or even decades if cared for properly. Consider replacing when it no longer fits your space, style, or meets your needs.