Selecting a Headboard

A headboard not only acts as a comfortable and supportive backrest, it also offers an affordable way to instantly update the look of your bedroom.

There are many different variations and the type you choose depends not only on the size of your bed but also your style, decor and your budget.

As well as these factors, you must decide on the material and style of your preferred headboard and whether you desire a standard strutted headboard or a more elaborate floor standing design.

Strutted headboards can be adjusted for height and the usual practice is for it to rest upon the top surface of the mattress. Floor standing headboards rest against the bottom rail of a divan bed and won't rock back and forth easily.

Headboard fittings:

The headboard bolt fixings on a divan bed are most often covered by the divan fabric. If there are no markings to show where the bolt fixings are, you need to feel with your fingers for the bolt holes and simply make a hole in the fabric.