Adding a headboard to your divan bed can have a significant impact on the look of your bedroom. They also act as a comfortable backrest while relaxing with a good book.
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Selecting a Headboard

A headboard not only acts as a comfortable and supportive backrest, it also offers an affordable way to instantly update the look of your bedroom.

There are many different variations and the type you choose depends not only on the size of your bed but also your style, decor and your budget.

Traditionally, headboards served as a barrier between the bed and draughty walls, but today, they are pivotal in bedroom decor and comfort.

Are there different types of headboards?

There are various materials available, such as metal, wood and fabric headboards that offer endless possibilities to enhance the bedroom's visual appeal.

What headboard styles are available?

In general, there are two types of headboard styles available. Standard strutted headboards or more elaborate floor standing headboards.

Strutted headboards are mostly rectangular in design and similar in height, whereas some floor standing models offer standard, grand lux and Emperor heights.

What style of headboard is best – Strutted or floor standing?

Strutted designs are attached to the base by two wooden struts with vertical slots, while floor standing designs rest against the bottom rail of a divan bed.

Unlike a strutted model that can sway back and forth, the main structural benefit of a floor standing headboard is its rigidity when bolted to the divan base.

Benefit of using a headboard

A headboard protects your wall from wear and tear, as you’re more likely to mark the wall with scuffs and scratches if you don’t use a headboard.

It stops your pillows from slipping off the bed

If you don’t normally use a headboard, you’ll know how annoying it is when your pillows end up in the gap between your mattress and the wall during the night.