Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed, often referred to as an electric bed, is a remarkable investment for those seeking a comfortable, restful night's sleep. These beds allow you to tailor its alignment with a simple touch, ensuring you find the perfect position for a better night’s sleep and enhanced mobility upon waking. These are sometimes known as mobility beds.

Being in the right sleeping positions can significantly improve your circulation, offering relief from ailments like backache and arthritis. By keeping specific areas elevated and supported, issues with swollen legs, ankles, and feet can be mitigated.

Why Buy an Adjustable Bed?

When pondering over 'how to choose a bed', our adjustable beds, or reclining beds, stand out due to their myriad health and well-being benefits. Our luxurious adjustable electric beds contour seamlessly to your body, supporting your spine, and alleviating pressure points, ensuring a peaceful night.

Sizes of Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds have revolutionised the way we sleep, offering unparalleled comfort and flexibility. One of the essential aspects to consider when purchasing an electric adjustable bed is its size. The size not only determines the space it will occupy in your room but also the level of comfort and support it will provide to the user.

Starting with the single adjustable bed or the small single electric bed size, it's perfect for individual users and fits well in compact spaces. The small double adjustable bed or often termed as 'three-quarter size', offers a bit more space than the single, suitable for those who desire extra room without occupying the space of a full double bed. The double adjustable bed size is ideal for couples or individuals who prefer more sleeping space. For those seeking luxury and ample space, the king size electric adjustable bed and super king size adjustable beds are the top choices. These larger sizes ensure that users have maximum space to adjust and find their perfect sleeping position without any constraints.

It's crucial to measure your room and consider the bed's purpose before deciding on a size. Whether it's for health reasons, comfort preferences, or room aesthetics, there's an electric adjustable bed size to meet every need.

Key Features of an Adjustable Bed

Each of our beds, including the popular king size adjustable bed, incorporates modern technology and boasts several key features for user comfort:

  • Electronic Remote: Adjust your sleeping or sitting position effortlessly.
  • Motorised Action: Enables your legs and torso to be adjusted bed independently.
  • Specifically Designed Mattresses: These adjustable mattresses reduce pressure, perspiration, and ensure maximum comfort and posture alignment.
  • Handmade in the UK: All our beds are crafted in the UK by skilled artisans.
  • Accessories: Options include safety rails, massage units, storage drawers, and matching headboards.

Improved Comfort, Posture, and Wellbeing

Adjustable beds are pivotal in finding the ideal sleeping position, crucial for a comfortable night. For those with limited mobility, these beds can be raised or lowered, assisting in getting in and out of bed with minimal discomfort. Distributing your weight correctly can also help decompress the spine and reduce back pressure.

Do Adjustable Beds Enhance Mobility?

For many, especially as they age or face medical challenges, transitioning in and out of conventional beds can be a struggle. One of the standout benefits of adjustable beds is the ease of mobility they offer.

This feature is a boon for those with restricted movement or hand and foot weakness. Adjustable beds, especially the electric adjustable bed, allow for a gentle torso raise, facilitating easy transitioning to standing or moving to a wheelchair. This functionality enhances mobility for many, granting increased independence to those who might typically need assistance.

Are Adjustable Beds Only for Those with Disabilities and Mobility Issues?

Originally designed to aid the elderly and infirm, adjustable beds have evolved. Now, they cater to a broader audience, with many appreciating their health and lifestyle benefits.

Gone are the days of hospital-like appearances. Modern adjustable bed bases come with varied mattress tensions, from soft to orthopaedic support. They also boast a plethora of traditional and modern fabrics and colours. Matching strutted or floor-standing headboards are available to complement your divan base.

Can You Use Any Mattress on an Electric Adjustable Base?

No. Only specific spring mattresses, designed to bend with the frame's flexibility, are suitable. Regular spring mattresses lack the necessary flexibility. Non-sprung mattresses, like foam ones, are acceptable, but it's essential to note the length differences between regular and adjustable beds. For optimal support and comfort, always choose a mattress compatible with a motion base.

Are Adjustable Beds Eligible for VAT Relief?

VAT exemption applies to those registered as disabled or with a recognised long-term illness. While anyone can purchase an adjustable bed, non-exempt individuals will incur VAT.