Wooden Bed Frames

When it comes to buying a wooden bed frame, there’s plenty to choose from, whether it be a traditional pine wooden bed frame with a....

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Wooden Bed Frames

When it comes to buying a wooden bed frame, there’s plenty to choose from, whether it be a traditional pine wooden bed frame with a warm antique stain, or a modern grey or white painted wooden bed frame. From single bed frames to large super king size bed frames, we have something to suit everyone and if you’re looking for a bed for a smaller spare bedroom, we also have small double wooden bed frames too.

We have a huge selection of wooden beds for sale; from cheap pine bed frames to quality contemporary oak bed frames. A wooden bedstead has a classic, traditional look that is reliably strong and sturdy. 

Unlike any other piece of bedroom furniture a bed must take heavy loads and is subject to a lot of pounding. So in the bedroom, wooden beds, strong and durable, are highly recommended. They don't squeak and they don't break!

The most popular materials used for wooden bed frames are pine and oak. Indonesian beech, rubber wood and ash are also very popular. Indeed, rubber wood is fast catching up on pine. It is the Far East equivalent of pine. A fast growing harvested timber that can be finished in a wide range of stains from mahogany and teak, to a light coloured beech.

Bed slats are mostly made of pine but an increasing number of beds now use beech ply slats often referred to as sprung slats because they flex and emulate the effect of a fully sprung base.

Wooden bed styles are very diverse. The most popular children's bed is the single pine bed with a spindle headboard. Shaker style beds are the best selling double bed and painted white beds have also recently become a best seller.

Wooden beds with storage, either drawers or as an ottoman have become available for sale in the UK. These beds tend to be quite expensive and a cheaper alternative is to buy separate wooden drawers on wheels that slide under any wooden bedstead.

Most wooden beds are stained and lacquered. We show antique pine or honey pine and there are convincing mahogany and teak bed finishes.

One thing to remember with wood is that it is a natural product that ages with time. Sunlight will oxidise the wooden surface and the finish of the bed will mellow with time.

So if you are going to buy matching bedroom furniture we would advise to buy your bedside cabinet or chest of drawers at the same time. In this way your bedroom suite will all mellow together.

One of the crucial things in getting a good night's sleep is proper support, both for yourself and for your bed.

A number of sleep disorders do exist and the Sleep Apnoea Trust exists to help people who suffer from this condition. Whether you have a sleep disorder or not, a good bed will help you get the best night's rest that you can.

Archers offers a range of wooden bed frames in several sizes and to suit whatever budget or taste you prefer, from simple styles to heavier and more elaborate ones.

Wooden bed frames generally come with headboards, but a footend is not a standard feature. Either style can look attractive but you will need to decide whether a footend complements the overall look or if your room would better suit a simpler, more minimalist style of frame.

Single wooden bed frames

Just a single wooden bed frame can make a statement in a small room. Wood is a diverse material and whether your colour scheme is muted or vibrant, there will be an Archers frame to fit in with the decor.

Solid pine is a popular option. You might like a single wooden bed frame with a lacquered or antique finish, but there is also the possibility of a painted model if you feel a white bed would look best in the room.

Double wooden bed frames

If you sleep with a partner and need a double wooden bed frame, do not worry about cost. Archers offer a range of suitable products that allow you to either keep a strict budget or indulge yourself lavishly- it's up to you.

Again, you can choose from bed frames that are obviously wooden, with a selection of finishes and styles, or opt for a painted one. Headboards might be slatted or solid and footends may be low, high or absent.

King size wooden bed frames

If you like to stretch out somewhat as you sleep, a king size wooden bed frame may be the answer. Larger beds can carry off certain looks to give them an air of elegance and luxury. You may find yourself looking at effects such as mahogany, beech or oak, as well as the traditional pine.

While some king size wooden bed frames may not have footends, beds this size can generally take a stronger shape, which might include a deeper frame that sits closer to the floor or more pronounced headrests.

Choose Archers

A few years ago, a Royal Society of Medicine academic, Dr Bidi Evans, called for medicine for sleep disorders to be more widely available.

But there is one aid to good sleeping that is on offer to anyone from Archers - a good, solid bed frame that keeps the mattress steady and firm.

No matter what your personal tastes, budget or preferences, Archers can offer quality products that do not compromise on comfort or support.

Wooden bed frames are a versatile bed to buy. You can get an inexpensive one for a guest bedroom or an elegant, luxurious one for the master bedroom. Either way, they're reliably strong and durable. So don't miss out, Order a wooden bed on-line Today.

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