Metal Bed Frames

At Archers, our metal bed frame categories cater for all budgets and styles from simple low-cost designs to extravagant....

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Metal Bed Frames

At Archers, our metal bed frame categories cater for all budgets and styles from simple low-cost designs to extravagant ornate bed frames. From single metal bed frames to large super king size bed frames, we have all sizes covered and for smaller bedrooms, we also have 4ft small double bed frames too.

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Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames have numerous advantages over other beds, the main one being their low cost. Metal framed beds are a great option for a guest bedroom where you need a cheap frame for occasional use. For sale on our site, we have a vast collection of metal beds, ranging from the inexpensive to the luxurious. On offer we have: silver, pink, glossy ivory, black or white metal beds and modern children’s beds. Victorian and Edwardian brass beds are a uniquely styled alternative for adults.

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Every day we offer a variety of bedsteads, including several metal beds with an extra 20% off. We call them Today's Deals! The sale deals rotate but at any one time you will find special offers that we hope you like. Metal bed frames host a large variation of popular styles. In our UK bed stores we have a comprehensive range for sale at unbelievably low prices.

Apart from being the style icon of your bedroom, a high-quality bed frame will give you a great night's sleep. The Sleep Council quoted valued research in saying that replacing your uncomfortable bed for a more usable one can give you 42 minutes of extra sleep. There are several unique benefits to choosing a metal bed frame: firstly, they are quick and easy to assemble. With minimal hassle involved you can have it set up in no time at all, especially with our next day delivery service that is available on the majority of metal bed frames.

Our bed frames are designed to be used with British standard size mattresses.

Single - 90cm x190cm
Small Double - 120cm x 190cm
Double - 135cm x 190cm
King - 150cm x 200cm
Super King - 180cm x 200cm

Single metal bed frames

3ft metal bedsteads are a great low-cost option for the spare room. Choose from a range of finishes to complement your bedroom setting and it will be perfect for when a guest stays overnight. If that's specifically what you are looking for, we do have a guest bed range you may be interested in looking at. We have silver metal beds and cream painted metal frames on show that are particularly popular amongst customers.

If the single bed is for a child, then consider some of our theme related kid's beds or some other painted options. We have pink metal bed frames for girls and football beds for boys. The blue single metal bed frame is a new addition to our stock that is a pleasant surprise. Children love having sleepovers and we can now accommodate for that arduous task of making up a spare bed. Our single metal guest beds have a pull-out beds underneath that raise to the same height as the main bed. Use them as twin beds or as a 6' bed, the choice is yours. 

Small double metal bed frames

If you've been looking for a 4ft bed then you'll have realised how awkward they are to find. However, we have a huge range in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Depending on the look you are trying to accomplish, there are several options available to you ranging from modern metal bed frames to traditional metal beds.

Slim, sleek designs represent the former while the elegant and patterned engravings decorate the traditional bedsteads. For something in between there is always the contemporary variation. Low to the ground and featuring fashionably simple designs, contemporary bed frames are very appealing for those wanting to create a stylish bedroom.

Further into the traditional look, sub categories are available. These include Edwardian style metal bed frames and Victorian style 4ft metal beds. They are for customers that know exactly what they are looking for in order to suit their current decor and bedroom furniture. Using antique brass finishes, antique nickel finishes, satin brass finishes and satin nickel finishes, there are hundreds of variations to choose from.

For those wanting to buck the trend, that aren't interested in a designer metal bed frame, lots of alternatives are in our bed stores. Chunky metal bed frames may take up more space, but if you have the room and like the look then why not? Dark, black metal bed frames can provide a beautiful contrast to white or cream walls.

Double metal bed frames

We have an expansive collection of 4ft 6 metal bedsteads that truly spoil you for choice. They range from painted white metal bed frames with a glossy ivory finish to shiny nickel sleigh metal bed frames. Incorporating a huge selection of superior designs, Archers is proud to offer these top selling products at discount prices.

Deluxe 4ft 6 metal bed frames come with sprung slats in the base. These provide additional comfort and support to help you sleep at night. The frames all fit standard double size mattresses, although you should consult the chart at the beginning for precise measurements. If it's an IKEA continental mattress you require a frame for then we will be able to sort you out with the appropriate frame if you give us a call.

Inexpensive double metal beds can still come with useful perks. Hidden fittings are aesthetically pleasing and give a clean, fresh look to your frame. On the other hand, if durability and sturdiness are key features for you then beds are available with double bolts on the corners for extra strength.

King size metal bed frames

Essential for the master bedroom, a 5ft metal bedstead is perfect for impressing visitors and giving you a great night's sleep. With plenty of room to move about, you will love the space a king size bed has to offer. Stylish variations are available to choose from, with the foot end choice being the main one. 

A low foot end enhances the feeling of space in your bedroom, maximising the feeling of room and openness. Alternatively, a high foot end marks the bed as a centrepiece for the bedroom, ideal for people that aren't space conscious. If it's a rustic metal bed, vintage metal bed or a classic metal bed you're looking for, you are sure to find it here at Archers Sleepcentre and our free delivery service just makes the offer even more tempting.

Super king size metal bed frames

Similar to 4ft beds, 6ft metal bedsteads can be hard to come by. Our collection is constantly growing and we will continue to increase stock of these products both in stores and online. The sumptuous luxury of a super king size bed is difficult to match. Even if you're sharing it, the space is phenomenal. Stretch out and enjoy the superior comfort of our huge metal beds today. If you need an accompanying mattress, we have some great bargain deals available on cheap 6ft mattresses. Browse through and find what suits you best...

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According to the sleep research centre, people who sleep for seven hours a night have the lowest mortality rate. Help to boost your health by purchasing a proper metal bed frame from Archers. For metal bedsteads at great prices, on a free next day delivery service, buy from Archers Sleepcentre today.