Buying a Bed Frame

The primary function of a bed frame is simply to provide your mattress with a platform to rest upon, but choosing the right one can add style, elegance and character to your bedroom.

So to cater for a variety of tastes, decors and budgets we offer a wide selection of wooden, metal, leather and fabric bedsteads from budget beds to TV beds and designer bed frames. 

What to consider before buying a bed frame

• When purchasing a new bed frame, you should always buy as big a bedstead as your bedroom can comfortably fit, but be aware of their overall dimensions.

• Bed frames are sold according to the size of the mattress they are designed to take, however they can be as much as 20cm longer and 10cm wider due to their style.

• European and IKEA size frames are extremely popular and are longer and wider than UK bedsteads, so be careful when buying a frame and mattress separately.

• If you are buying a bed frame for a child's bedroom or a second bedroom with limited floor space you should consider a small single or small double size frame. 

Benefits of buying a bed frame

• With a wide selection of styles, colours and materials bed frames are more adaptable to a variety of bedroom decors from contemporary to traditional.

• Due to their size, a bed frame will always be delivered flat-packed for home-assembly. This is ideal where access is limited or staircases with difficult turns.

• Their slatted or mesh base design is good for ventilation and airflow below your mattress. This results in a fresh and healthy sleeping environment.

• The cavity below a bed frame offers ample storage space for bulkier and heavier items that would not be suitable for storing in a divan bed drawer.

• Vacuuming in around a bed frame is a lot easier as there is more room to get cleaning tools and brushes all the way under. This can be beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics.