What your sleeping position says about
your personality

We all know just how important sleep is in our lives, not only is it a biological requirement but its also a mood lifter, relaxing and for some an out and out hobby! We spend around 1/3 of our lives asleep (most of which is spent in a bed). So getting the right mattress and bed frame is essential!

We all have our own sleeping habits and sleeping positions, but what do they say about you, your personality, your mood and your life in general. Sleeping positions work in a similar way that dreams are believed to work, through emotional cues – meaning if you're going through a particularly stressful period, your sleeping position may change. Here we have the most popular and common sleeping positions, you may fit one of these perfectly, or you may be a combination of these, this will also tell you a little bit more about yourself that maybe you hadn't realised!

the log

The log position means the sleeper sleeps on their side with their legs and arms extended straight. This position looks 'stiff' and tense to many people but the opposite is actually true of the sleeper. Log sleepers are social, outgoing and like to surround themselves with as many people as possible. Log sleepers can be very trusting, bordering on gullible, but for the most part are very positive. This is the second most popular position to sleep in.

the yearner

As the name suggests, this position has the sleeper laying straight, with legs extended, on their side, with their arms outstretched in one direction. 'Yearners' are very open and inviting and once their mind is made up about something, there is no way they're being swayed. On the other side, this stubbornness can also come with a cynical and suspicious side too. This is the third most popular sleeping position.

fetal position

The most popular sleeping position in which the sleeper is on their side with their knees bent and drawn upwards and arms bent in front of them. This position is recommended as the best position to lay in if you're having difficulties sleeping. Those who sleep in this position may seem tough but are actually quite shy and sensitive. They can also over think problems and worry unnecessarily.

the soldier

The 'solider' sleeper lays on their back with arms and legs out stretched (arms alongside the body). Soldier sleepers are strong silent types who try and avoid fuss and hassle. They prefer structure and often have high expectations in all aspects of life.

the stargazer

This position sees the sleeper lay on their back with their arms behind their head. These sleepers tend to be happy-go-lucky people and make their friendships a priority in life.

thinking position

This position is similar to the fetal but no matter which side you sleep on or what position your legs are in, your hand(s) will always be touching your chin. These sleepers often easily switch from extreme to extreme in their emotions.

the freefaller

The free faller sleeps on their stomach, head to the side, arms up near their heads or under the pillow. Free-fallers have very open personalities, are often playful and can be very direct and 'to-the-point'. Whilst they can be very free spirited – they can also crave control and become anxious. Although risk-takers, they can be very sensitive to criticism.

starfish position

This is the least popular sleeping position that means sleepers are laid on their back with their arms and legs out-stretched in every direction. The starfish sleepers are very loyal and make friendship a huge priority in their lives. They will always go out of their way to help others.

the pillow hugger

The Pillow hugger is often found on their side, hugging a pillow. These sleepers are very compassionate about every relationship in their life, especially the romantic kind!

As well as these positions, there are other elements of sleeping position that can mean certain things such as sleeping with one leg raised then you most likely have an unpredictable personality, enjoy adventures but find it difficult to make decisions. You most likely prefer stability, peace and thoroughness in all aspects of life.

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