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Best UK Firm Orthopaedic Mattress

The best firm orthopaedic mattresses for sale in the UK today are the Sealy Ortho Luxury and the Sealy Millionaire.

Sealy Beds have been making mattresses like these since Adam was a boy and I am pleased Sealy are planning to continue making them. Which is a relief.

We travelled to Drayton Manor Theme Park last week in trepidation. Not in fear the theme park was open, which it wasn’t, but whether Sealy, holding an out of season exhibition, were going to announce the demise of the much loved Ortho Luxury and Millionaire mattresses.

Classic, traditional, orthopaedic mattresses with no memory foam, no fancy technology. Just Sealy Posturepedic at its very best. We love them, and fortunately the new management have decided these are two products they ought not to mess.

Of course we knew the new owners would be ringing in the changes. We were given the low down with a 1 hour lecture in the Drayton Manor 4-D cinema. We were instructed to wear 3-D specs and eat popcorn. A ploy to keep us awake which has to be a first for a bed expo!

It was a relief to hear the financial worries of the Silentnight Group (which includes Sealy UK) are over. The pension fund had to take a cut. It’s a sign of the times that there was no gasp of shame. We are not Greeks, but the pensions deficit has touched us all.

It turned out the product changes were in fact quite marginal. Silentnight has previously presented us with situations where they discontinue all their range all at once. Not this time, at least not all at once.

We left Drayton Manor, scratching our heads, but not completely doom laden and dejected. Dare I say the changes were evolutionary and quite rational!

The biggest problem Silentnight are grappling with is how to work with the internet. Our 600 mile round trip was made much in the anticipation of hearing what was going down on the web. We discovered 70% of customers now do their bed research on the net. There was acknowledgement that the net is the future for marketing Silentnight Beds.

But then what? No-one, it seems has a route plan. At least not a route plan with intellectual rigour. We continue our mass schizophrenia: we want people to know about our beds but not that our competitors are selling them cheaper! Difficult to do on the net as we all know.

So looks like there is going to have to be another visit to a theme park. Watch this space, and fingers crossed it’s not a trip to the house of horrors.

Meantime we still have some great low priced Sealy and Silentnight mattresses for sale. Have a look at our Silentnight Prestige Limited Edition double mattress and our Sealy Support Firm double mattress. Great deals and perhaps not for much longer!








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