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Tempur: Bed and Mattress Review

Manufacturer History

Tempur made its entrance into the world of beds and mattresses medically, introduced to relieve pressure sores and back pains in hospitals, and gradually became a luxurious bed option that millions of people chose to use, medically or otherwise.

Tempur mattresses and pillows changed the way people dealt with aches and pains in their sleep, and the old mantra that a hard bed would cure all ills was quickly dispersed, as Tempur mattresses introduced the idea of the mattress conforming to your body shape, rather than the other way around.

In 1991, Tempur mattresses and pillows were launched onto the market in Sweden, and became immediately a great success. In 1992, Tempur went worldwide, and now sells mattresses in over 50 countries.

In 2010, Tempur were voted ‘Best Mattress’ in Which? magazine, with 85% of its testers satisfied with the quality and performance of the mattress.


Whilst primarily developed for customers with uncomfortable back aches and illnesses, Tempur mattresses and pillows are certainly not restricted to people with these conditions.

If you find yourself tossing and turning, unable to get a comfortable sleep at night, then try a Tempur mattress.

Each mattress automatically comes with a free 60 night trial and, if you’re unhappy with the mattress after this time, you’re under no obligation to buy.

The Original Mattress 20 by Tempur is a fantastic mattress available in a range of sizes, including half king and long single bed options. The mattress has pressure relieving, therapeutic support, and is available in two depths.

This mattress is available from £1,088.

Match the mattress with a super comfortable Original Pillow from Tempur, also available from single to queen sizes.

The pillow was developed by a team including physiotherapists, and moulds exactly to your neck and head providing you with a brilliantly supported slumber, leaving you feeling completely refreshed when you wake up! The soft cover is hypo-allergenic and can be removed for cleaning.

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