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Silentnight PocketZing Divans and Mattresses

10 hardy souls from Archers Sleepcentre travelled to Silentnight and Salterforth to see the new PocketZing divans and mattresses that are coming to our shop floors very soon.

It was an overnight training session so on the way we took in a visit to Rest Assured at Batley, the Silentnight factory at Barnoldswick and of course the venue for many a previous visit, the Silentnight Salterforth showrooms.

I tagged along not just to see PocketZing and give Graham Butterfield, our Silentnight Sales Director a hard time, but to get to know our new staff and get to know our suppliers a wee bit better too.

I didn’t know that Susan from Ayr lives in a trailer park at Dunure, for example, and shoots a Beretta (it’s lightweight and fits in her handbag). Linda rides Rodeo and comes to work for a quiet life. And Lisa may not after all have a problem with her left frontal lobe. She spoke to me for a full 10 minutes at breakfast.

Ross still has his drinking problem fortunately. So I did have a drinking buddy.

So what were the highlights of the visit, Tequila slammers apart?

The pocket spring machines at Rest Assured for sure. We saw the PocketZing springs being made, all individually specified and zoned for maximum support. Unique machines for what is a truly unique ground breaking product.

At Silentnight we were shown the testing facilities including back alignment monitors, pressure mapping profiles and thermal images of heat dissipation. At this point I was a bit unconvinced. I’d seen all this smoke and mirrors stuff at Harrisons Beds and the results of all that rocket science wasn’t always a perfect bed! I did like Harrison’s Revolution technology but sometimes the simpler the better (it’s another story).

Anyhow Graham Butterfield left the finale to last. After 300 miles in the car, a belly full of food and a bucket load of booze (the Sancerre went down a treat), we finally got to lie down on PocketZing.

And wow! These beds are brilliant. We are going to be showing the PocketZing 3 collection – classic, the memory foam and the latex models, retailing I hope from £599. The next level up is the PocketZing 7 collection and they were even better. But just a bit too rich for most people’s pockets. Thing is we shall see…


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