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Silentnight Beds 40 day Comfort Guarantee

Silentnight have announced plans for a 40 day comfort guarantee. If you are not comfortable with your new bed we’ll get you a different one, free of charge.

This a really good idea. Dreams Beds have offered this guarantee for years. Dreams are the most successful bed company in the UK, so it ought to work.

Of course I did have some worries about how much the scheme will cost and whether the sales person will be happy dealing with complaints that might be of a marginal nature.

Fortunately our Silentnight area representative took me through the scheme today and much as he laughed at my worries (he has a fantastic sense of humour and really enjoys my jokes) he was totally reassuring. Apparently Silentnight have done this guarantee before and it worked wonderfully well.

So I have rewritten this blog. Homo Badbakitus will now know when he buys the

Silentnight-Prestige-Limited-Edition-Double-Mattress-with-Solar-Non-Drawer-Divan-Base that if he isn’t comfortable after 40 days he can get something done about it. We don’t live in the stone age any more!

It is also a salutory lesson for me. I need to be more open to new ideas. These last 20 years of experience selling furniture has perhaps made me reticent to take up new ideas and I am encouraged we have companies such as Silentnight pushing the boat out and making things happen.


Editors Note: The most comfortable bed in the UK? Highgrove Allure pocket sprung divan. Try it. Wow.






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