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Prado Leather Bed Challenges Goya

Yes we have found another winning bed, the Prado faux leather double bed frame. At £99 its a masterpiece of low cost engineering. How do the boys in China make such superb beds at such low cost?

I had thought perhaps it was the Prado’s unique name that was the secret. All the art lovers who visited the Prado Museum fancying a bed with the same appellation. But no. We tested the bed at a selling price £30 more and I can assure you there is no contest between the love of Goya and 30 notes in your pocket. Are all our customers such Philistines?

So welcome to the museum of cheap low cost leather beds. On the right is our Louis XIV sleigh bateau and on the left is our contemporary minimalist white leather bed. Vivienne Westwood might like this one. I think that’s why our esteemed buyer bought it…..

Anyway I like it too. So watch out for this amazing white bedstead just about to hit the stores. And just think, the Prado is fast invading bedrooms throughout the British Isles. Scary if not an unprofitable thought.

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