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Most Sturdy Children’s Bed

June 9th, 2011

What’s the sturdiest kid’s bed? The “Pickwick Single Pine Bed Frame” says Ian Archibald from Archers HO.

“For such a competitively priced bed, this frame is made to a shockingly good quality.

The weaknesses in wooden frames are in their knots, but the pine used for the Pickwick is virtually knot free meaning it’s highly unlikely that the frame will break no matter how heavy you are (or how hard you jump on it).

The entire frame is thicker than most single beds which gives it extra strength and stability. The slats are thicker too which gives added support to your mattress, making sure you get the life span you’re looking for.

The cleats that hold the slats in place are screwed and glued into the side rails; this bed is virtually indestructible.

The side rails are fastened to the head and foot end using the tried and tested barrel nut and bolt. You can see the bolt, but it’s not unsightly and it guarantees a rock solid bed.”

It’s a frame that those little monsters – sorry, bundles of joy – can jump about on, ram into and generally try to destroy. Go into an Archers store and find out for yourself just how sturdy it is.

Recommended Children’s Beds form Archers Sleepcentre

Pickwick Single Pine Bed Frame
Cosmo Metal Sleeper Bed Frame

Scottish Ideal Homes Show at SECC

May 30th, 2011

It’s May Bank Holiday Monday night and we are all still at the SECC (apart from me) waiting for one last truck to collect our last lot of display beds.

The four day bedfest is finally over. So how did it go? Very very good. Maureen from Media 10, the show organisers, was very pleased. She got the visitors she wanted (eg over 16000 on Sunday). We got what we wanted (loads of bed sales and loads of leads). We had a proper love in.

Our biggest sale was £1600, a Super king Kaymed Tivoli 2000 Pocket divan and stuff, and our smallest a Cosmo double leather bed at £87.99. Billy no sale Dolan, our area manager, got the biggest sale and Donna, our 8 stone …continue reading : Scottish Ideal Homes Show at SECC

Oakdale Electric Adjustable Beds

May 29th, 2011

I popped onto the Oakdale Beds stand at the Scottish Ideal Homes Show. Wow! Electric adjustable beds of a style and variety that I had never seen before: beautiful oak bed frames, super king sleigh beds and sumptuous mattresses.

So I asked the lady representing Oakdale, whether she did any electric beds just geared up for health reasons. She looked at me witheringly (as most discerning woman do) and said and what health benefits may those be?

A light bulb moment. Of course. Oakdale beds are …continue reading : Oakdale Electric Adjustable Beds

Bed Shops Colchester Essex

May 22nd, 2011

People say I am the 21st Century version of Dr Johnston. He had Boswell and the Western Isles. I have Robert and every bed shop in the UK.

So after my Orpington bed shop blog, it was Colchester’s turn for Dr Archibald. And what can I report?

Every single carpet retailer in Britain has given up on carpets and is selling beds instead. It must have been a light bulb moment. Beds sit on top of carpets: therefore beds are best (was that Jean Paul Sartre 1941?).

On this Colchester Retail Park we had Carpet Right, Carpets for Less and Allied Carpets all selling beds. Dreams Beds was on the estate too and they did have a nice welcome foot mat but …continue reading : Bed Shops Colchester Essex

Bed Shops Orpington Kent

May 22nd, 2011

I had a spare hour in Orpington last week. Visit a local site of antiquity? An art gallery? No, a wee tour of the local retail park and high street.

Orpington it turns out is the centre of the south east bed universe. Paul Simon Beds, Sleepmasters, Dreams Beds, Beaumont Beds. Those Kent folks have an insatiable need for a new bed it seems. And I bet there are more bed shops again but this was a tour in a straight line to lunch at a local Italian.

So what was on offer? A single pine Pickwick bed frame for £99 from Julian Bowen. Ouch, I thought that’s …continue reading : Bed Shops Orpington Kent

Silentnight Firmcare Mattress

May 15th, 2011

The Silentnight Firmcare mattress is Silentnight’s entry level mattress. It has various guises: Silver Label (independent stores), Hendon (Argos), Montana (Tesco) etc etc. Minor specification changes but I’d buy any of them with the expectation they would all feel similar. FIRM!

Our version is the Silentnight Firmcare Prestige Limited Edition mattress. We can only buy it when Silentnight has spare production capacity, which is a pain. We end up buying 6 months stock at once. But the mattress is hugely popular and …continue reading : Silentnight Firmcare Mattress

Oakfurnitureland coming to Glasgow?

April 23rd, 2011

A bit of gossip today is that Bed Shed are closing their bed superstore in Uddingston.

Everyone on the Birkenshaw Trading Estate, including us at Archers Sleepcentre are speculating who is going to move in to take over the lease.

The consensus is Oakfurnitureland. They only have 4 stores and not one north of Chester and Stockport, which does seem a long way away. But we saw a job advert for a Glasgow manager and the estate burger van heard that it was Oak Furniture Land. They would be a great complement to the …continue reading : Oakfurnitureland coming to Glasgow?

Sealy Essentials Support Regular and Firm Mattresses

April 22nd, 2011

Sealy do come up with some real mouthfuls for the names of a mattress: for example we have the “Essentials Support Regular” and “Essentials Support Firm”. You probably get the idea. Essentials means budget, support means support, regular means soft, and firm means hard.

So you could call these mattresses: Sealy Cheap Mattress Soft and Sealy Cheap Mattress Hard. Do you think they might give me a job as chief name caller?

Anyhow we got Sealy to do a …continue reading : Sealy Essentials Support Regular and Firm Mattresses

Cheapest UK Sealy Memory Support Mattress

April 22nd, 2011

I announced last week we had reduced the double Sealy Memory Support mattress from £399 to £249 and the Kingsize  Memory Support mattress from £449 to £299.

Today I announced an increase of £50. Why? We only had 240 and the response has been unbelievable. We sold almost half in one week and, truth be told, the Memory Support at this price has stopped any other mattress from selling.

It’s profiteering I know but …continue reading : Cheapest UK Sealy Memory Support Mattress

600 Backcare Elite mattresses for sale at bargain prices

April 11th, 2011

A man from Sealy phoned me up last week and said “I have the deal of the millennium for you.” “We have 600 Sealy Backcare double mattresses at more than 30% off. They are going to go like hot cakes.”

What you going to do?”

Well I bought the lot.

I am pleased to say that …continue reading : 600 Backcare Elite mattresses for sale at bargain prices