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600 Backcare Elite mattresses for sale at bargain prices

April 11th, 2011

A man from Sealy phoned me up last week and said “I have the deal of the millennium for you.” “We have 600 Sealy Backcare double mattresses at more than 30% off. They are going to go like hot cakes.”

What you going to do?”

Well I bought the lot.

I am pleased to say that …continue reading : 600 Backcare Elite mattresses for sale at bargain prices

Black and White Sell Beds for Bed Shed

April 2nd, 2011

Isabell does her best to be the Rottweiler receptionist, but sometimes she goes all cuddly and let’s a call through. This call was from Black and White Advertising Agency wanting to help us on our quest to take over the bed world. They had put the Bed Shed on the map and now it was our turn.

Well how could I say no? And the coincidence was that Ian Stewart from Black and White, myself and Craig Russell from the Bed Shed all had worked at Durham Pine. At the very least we could compare notes on what went wrong …continue reading : Black and White Sell Beds for Bed Shed

Best Silentnight Miracoil 7 Mattresses

March 19th, 2011

Silentnight have rejuvenated themselves in true Dr Who fashion. Miracoil has transmogrified into Miracoil 3 and Miracoil 7. And with great success.

We took a trip down to Salterforth last month to visit chief guru, sales director and bed android, Graham Butterfield. Ably supported by his young sober attache Stuart Law he explained to us what …continue reading : Best Silentnight Miracoil 7 Mattresses

New Bed Shop at Hillington

March 19th, 2011

Over the last 6 months I have been scratching my head what to do with our internet team. They have been working out of that toilet at Auldhouse for a couple of years now, and any day they are going to start to smell.

You just can’t fit 7 people, a computer, a telephone and 653 beds and mattresses in a ladies and a gents.  

So I am pleased to announce a solution. We are going to move to …continue reading : New Bed Shop at Hillington

Dreams Beds open in Hamilton, Nether Auldhouse and Glassford St, Glasgow

February 27th, 2011

I was strolling down Glassford Street at Christmas looking for Specsavers. And what did I bump into, but a new bed shop opening slap bang in the middle of the grottiest shopping street outside of Mumbai.

I pressed my nose against the glass, my eyes started to water (the glass was very cold). What nutter would open a bed shop in Glassford Street? I spotted the blue carpet rolls and realised – it was Dreams.

On I went to get my eyes tested. Never had glasses before, but while squinting at our very small …continue reading : Dreams Beds open in Hamilton, Nether Auldhouse and Glassford St, Glasgow

Record UK Internet Bed Sales

January 12th, 2011

I’ve been reading The Cyclists Training Bible, by Joe Friel, over Christmas and an interesting analogy came to mind. It takes 7 years to train a cyclist. From the unfit, pot bellied bar fly in Kilmarnock to the lithe, super tanned maillot jeune of the Tour de France. It’s possible Billy, so the Bible says. You can do it.

And so I have been looking at our progress on the internet, from our original site designed by Yellow Pages in 2004 ( I had the hots for the Yellow Pages sales girl back then) to what we have now in 2011. From a sit-up-and-beg …continue reading : Record UK Internet Bed Sales

Sealy Beds in Cumbria: Don’t Mention Silentnight!

December 18th, 2010

Sealy Beds kindly invited Archers to visit their UK factory in Aspatria and followed by a sleepover in the Ladores Falls Hotel, Keswick.

Eight hardy souls left our snow bound Great Western Rd store at 10am, all provisioned up and expecting a long and slow 118 mile trip to Sealy. The M74 had been closed the day before and like a Top Gear episode, there was Wee Donna in her Mini Cooper versus Big Archie in his Nissan Almera – who would make it down first?

Enough to say the boys in the Almera ate …continue reading : Sealy Beds in Cumbria: Don’t Mention Silentnight!

Archers Facebook needs Good Bed Friends Urgently!

November 27th, 2010

So David B one day sets up Archers Sleepcentre with a Facebook account.

Write something interesting Mr B I exhort.  A song that comes in to your head (“Archers Sleepcentre… bed superstores”). An album of nice photos, a Cumbrian Meadow perhaps (see Tebay Services Jn 39 M6), or Chloe in her full upright position. What about a nice picture of that girl from Furmanac who makes the Chloe… what’s her name again?

But alas our Facebook offering is meagre. Our profile picture hasn’t …continue reading : Archers Facebook needs Good Bed Friends Urgently!

Sleepright: UK cheapest beds

November 27th, 2010

I popped in to have a look at the new look Sleepright bed format. Carpetright is rolling out this new bed format through most of their 500 stores and so I knew I should look and see.

Well wow! Double foam mattresses at £79. Single divan beds at £99. Memory foam pillows at £19. Believe me these are cheap prices. What happened to Sleepright, the UK’s foremost luxury memory foam bed specialist? I blinked hard, rubbed …continue reading : Sleepright: UK cheapest beds

Cheapest Leather TV Bed UK

November 17th, 2010

Who stocks the lowest cost built in TV bed in the UK today? Not us.

The luxurious leather bed with built in 26″ flat panel TV started to appear at furniture shows a couple of years ago. I have to say I thought the product was a gimmick and would be destined for Harrods and E Bay.

But to my surprise …continue reading : Cheapest Leather TV Bed UK