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Skin Irritations in Bed: fungus, heat rash, dust mites, acne

July 12th, 2011

Only 21% of teens sleep right through the night, a survey by Archers Sleepcentre has recently revealed.

The survey of 90 Glasgow school pupils also showed other strange habits of these 15 to 18 year olds. 24% of them still sleep with a toy for example.

Keeping socks on in bed, tossing and turning in the night, wearing pyjamas; things like these were examined to see if they affected the teenagers’ quality of sleep.

Many of these factors help or hinder skin irritations. So here’s what you need to know about bedtime to …continue reading : Skin Irritations in Bed: fungus, heat rash, dust mites, acne

Stop Falling Asleep On The Sofa: get a good bed, hide the alarm clock

July 11th, 2011

1 in 20 teens fall asleep on the sofa every night, a survey by Archers Sleepcentre has revealed.

The survey, of 90 Glasgow school pupils also showed that 50% of teens fall asleep on the sofa at least once a month.

Easy to dose off on the couch but impossible to get to sleep in bed. Sound familiar? Dubbed as a …continue reading : Stop Falling Asleep On The Sofa: get a good bed, hide the alarm clock

Nightmare Cures: diet, exercise, good bed.

July 8th, 2011

Half of teenagers still have nightmares, a survey by Archers Sleepcentre has revealed.

After sampling 90 Glasgow school pupils between the ages of 15 and 18, Archers Sleepcentre discovered that 45% of boys and 52% of girls had at least one nightmare in the last month. Despite this, only 15% sleep with …continue reading : Nightmare Cures: diet, exercise, good bed.

Cure for Cold Feet: warm bed, iron, decaffeinated coffee

July 7th, 2011

Twice as many women than men suffer from cold feet – 70% of women in fact – a recent survey by Archers Sleepcentre revealed.

It’s something we’ve all found out to be true the hard way (by having them pressed against your back in the morning) and this survey prompted me to find out how to get rid of these mood-killers lingering below my ankles.

Socks. This is the obvious answer, but only 12% of people in the survey wear socks to …continue reading : Cure for Cold Feet: warm bed, iron, decaffeinated coffee

Silentnight PocketZing Divans and Mattresses

June 18th, 2011

10 hardy souls from Archers Sleepcentre travelled to Silentnight and Salterforth to see the new PocketZing divans and mattresses that are coming to our shop floors very soon.

It was an overnight training session so on the way we took in a visit to Rest Assured at Batley, the Silentnight factory at Barnoldswick and of course the venue for many a previous visit, the Silentnight Salterforth showrooms.

I tagged along not just to see PocketZing and give Graham Butterfield, our Silentnight Sales Director a hard time, but to get to know our new staff and get to know our suppliers a wee bit better too.

I didn’t know that Susan from Ayr lives in a trailer park at Dunure, for example, and shoots a …continue reading : Silentnight PocketZing Divans and Mattresses

Archers Sleepcentre New Facebook

June 11th, 2011

It is hard for 60 staff in 11 different locations to get to know each other. So we have set up a new Archers Company Facebook account to help us all keep in touch.

We have kicked things off with staff biographies and loads of picture albums (mug shots, other halves, kids, pets and cars). I hope we will get biographies and pictures of all our staff and all our suppliers and over time everyone will get to know each other that much better.

I haven’t really got to understand how Facebook works. Still struggling over tagging photos and I’m not sure that some of the comments that are being made might be going to places that perhaps they shouldn’t. I guess we will know when we get the lawyers …continue reading : Archers Sleepcentre New Facebook

Good Beds for the Elderly

June 10th, 2011

The Silentnight Spirit was the mattress that came out on top when I spoke to Stevie McGuire from Archers’ Auldhouse branch.

“You get a lot of older folk that want the same mattress they’ve had in the past. They’ll lie down on a memory foam mattress and think ‘no, no, this feels too different’ so really a lot depends on what the customer has had previously.

For back pain the Sealy Backcare Elite is a popular choice, which is a very firm mattress that gives a lot of support.

Memory foam is quite firm though, so when you get older and less mobile it’s not as easy to toss and turn on.

This is why Silentnight Spirit is a good bed for the elderly because it has the same effect as memory foam but it’s not as sinking.

The mattress has seven zones of Miracoil springs to provide targeted support, and an extra cushioning layer. It’s softer at the top and foot of the bed and firm at your hips. So you don’t fall way into the bed and leave your shoulders hunched in your sleep.

It’s no turn as well which saves a lot of hassle.”

So the word from Stevie is that Silentnight Spirit seems a good compromise for a lot of elderly people. Go into an Archers Sleepcentre store to have a lie down and find out what suits you.

Most Sturdy Children’s Bed

June 9th, 2011

What’s the sturdiest kid’s bed? The “Pickwick Single Pine Bed Frame” says Ian Archibald from Archers HO.

“For such a competitively priced bed, this frame is made to a shockingly good quality.

The weaknesses in wooden frames are in their knots, but the pine used for the Pickwick is virtually knot free meaning it’s highly unlikely that the frame will break no matter how heavy you are (or how hard you jump on it).

The entire frame is thicker than most single beds which gives it extra strength and stability. The slats are thicker too which gives added support to your mattress, making sure you get the life span you’re looking for.

The cleats that hold the slats in place are screwed and glued into the side rails; this bed is virtually indestructible.

The side rails are fastened to the head and foot end using the tried and tested barrel nut and bolt. You can see the bolt, but it’s not unsightly and it guarantees a rock solid bed.”

It’s a frame that those little monsters – sorry, bundles of joy – can jump about on, ram into and generally try to destroy. Go into an Archers store and find out for yourself just how sturdy it is.

Recommended Children’s Beds form Archers Sleepcentre

Pickwick Single Pine Bed Frame
Cosmo Metal Sleeper Bed Frame

Scottish Ideal Homes Show at SECC

May 30th, 2011

It’s May Bank Holiday Monday night and we are all still at the SECC (apart from me) waiting for one last truck to collect our last lot of display beds.

The four day bedfest is finally over. So how did it go? Very very good. Maureen from Media 10, the show organisers, was very pleased. She got the visitors she wanted (eg over 16000 on Sunday). We got what we wanted (loads of bed sales and loads of leads). We had a proper love in.

Our biggest sale was £1600, a Super king Kaymed Tivoli 2000 Pocket divan and stuff, and our smallest a Cosmo double leather bed at £87.99. Billy no sale Dolan, our area manager, got the biggest sale and Donna, our 8 stone …continue reading : Scottish Ideal Homes Show at SECC

Oakdale Electric Adjustable Beds

May 29th, 2011

I popped onto the Oakdale Beds stand at the Scottish Ideal Homes Show. Wow! Electric adjustable beds of a style and variety that I had never seen before: beautiful oak bed frames, super king sleigh beds and sumptuous mattresses.

So I asked the lady representing Oakdale, whether she did any electric beds just geared up for health reasons. She looked at me witheringly (as most discerning woman do) and said and what health benefits may those be?

A light bulb moment. Of course. Oakdale beds are …continue reading : Oakdale Electric Adjustable Beds