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Silentnight Beds and Mattress Show in Glasgow

October 22nd, 2011

Silentnight brought their Salterforth Show Stand to Glasgow: The Grosvenor Hotel on Great Western Road.

Silentnight have at last recognised how important a customer we are (my house is next door). No Greggs sausage roll for lunch but otherwise the show was truly custom made.

So what was there to see and lie …continue reading : Silentnight Beds and Mattress Show in Glasgow

Archers Sleepcentre Internet Celebration

October 3rd, 2011

Our internet office is moving to Hillington and to celebrate the fact we had a night out last Saturday. The Maltman, Glasgow: a Dystopian nightmare of misshapen bodies and twisted minds brought together to celebrate the demon drink.

Home from home for the internet office really.

The deafening sound, the flashing lasers and the fear of one of the dancing dervishes stopping to ask me a question kept me well under cover. I did catch a couple of happenings.

The two new girls had a tiff. “Who was the taller?”. Well, as they are sisters I thought the matter ought to have been settled years ago. I could see the guys thinking that of the possible attributes we might discuss, height wasn’t their first choice. For me I think Sharon has the better… …continue reading : Archers Sleepcentre Internet Celebration is no Private Eye

September 29th, 2011

“Simon Spinks said knocking just one year off the consumer bed replacement cycle would help grow the market by 15 per cent, to the benefit of all market participants.” was the quote from today’s

Surely, I thought, the reporter will now point out the obvious, the customer will be 15% poorer.

But no.

I was at the dinner where the quote was made, the NBF Bed Show at Telford. My jaw dropped as …continue reading : is no Private Eye

National Bed Federation AIS Show Telford

September 28th, 2011

The second National Bed Federation show has just finished at the International Exhibition Centre at Telford.

I popped down to have a look and I must say we had a very enjoyable time. The great thing about the NBF and its relation AIS, (sorry I can never remember what that stands for) is despite the fact you obviously aren’t a member and haven’t a hope in Hades of ever becoming one, everyone is wonderfully friendly to you.

And just because you weren’t part of the original cast of Downton Abbey you can still …continue reading : National Bed Federation AIS Show Telford

Bed Shed Closing Down Sale

September 18th, 2011

I popped into Candleriggs and Kilmarnock Bed Sheds last week. All beds and mattresses are reduced to clear and the staff say they are being taken over by Bensons.

Bit of a bummer us having to compete against all this clearance stock hitting the Scottish bed market. But Bensons taking over the Bed Shed? Why?

This just doesn’t seem logical. At Archers we never hear of Bensons: English company selling posh kit designed for the English market and frankly doesn’t interfere with us. We wouldn’t miss them if they never existed.

However I have always had a soft spot for …continue reading : Bed Shed Closing Down Sale

Internet Bed Sales at Record High

September 5th, 2011

Isabel didn’t get me the weeks sales figures together ’til 1 30pm. “What took the time Isabel?” I asked.

Takes a bit longer when you have the internet breaking all records I guess: an all time record this week.

From zero to 30% of our business in 3 years is good going and something I would never have predicted in 2008. From bed buyers in Inverness to bed buyers in Cornwall, we have them all. And there seems no letting up. So we are on the move. The internet team is leaving the Auldhouse toilet to their very own Googleplex at …continue reading : Internet Bed Sales at Record High

Best Ottoman Bed at Bed Shed

August 23rd, 2011

My friend Sandra just bought an Ottoman divan bed from Bed Shed at Hillington. £825, choice of colours and matching headboards. She liked the quality, she liked the fact she wouldn’t need a vallance and she had the hots for the salesman who served her. I made that last bit up.

Anyhow, me with 10 bed shops and all, was a bit put out. So today I popped into the Bed Shed at Hillington to find out more. And I was impressed. Actually the mattress had the misfortune of having someone eat their egg and chips on it. But hygiene apart …continue reading : Best Ottoman Bed at Bed Shed

Fastest bed and mattress website in UK

August 22nd, 2011

I think we match the speed of delivery of our bed retailing internet competitors. We all use the same carriers so in that regard there is little to shout about.

However since we upgraded our computer that runs our internet I’d like to make the claim our website is now the fastest page loading website selling beds and mattresses in the UK today. From Argos to to World Stores we can compete with the best!

The speed of each page loading has been a fixation …continue reading : Fastest bed and mattress website in UK

Bedroomworld best UK online bed retailer: discuss

July 20th, 2011

In 2009 I think and it’s sister site were among the best UK online bed retailers. Part of the World Stores Group and in 2009 they were rocking and rolling.

Biggest selection, fastest delivery and good prices.  Hard to beat.

What about now in 2011?

Well you need to go back a bit further. 2007 to be exact.

At Archers Sleepcentre we eat and sleep beds. Every new model that comes on the shop floor is eagerly awaited and the sales staff devour …continue reading : Bedroomworld best UK online bed retailer: discuss

Sleeping Positions: bad backs, snoring, pillows between your legs

July 15th, 2011

37% of teens change which side they sleep on each night, a survey by Archers Sleepcentre recently revealed.

Choosing to sleep on your side, front or back affects the alignment of your spine. This influences not just your quality of sleep but your posture and comfort during the day.

This is especially important for the 15 to 18 year olds that were sampled in the Archers survey. Whilst growing, a bad posture can cause long term damage to your back. However, the way you sleep is important for adults as well as stress in your back can seriously disurb your sleep.

Each position has its own pros and cons, meaning not everyone should sleep in the same ‘optimum’ way. Your position can even indicate what you’re like as a person.

Sleeping On Your Back

Health: Opening up your body by sleeping on your back stops your intestines from becoming cramped and causing indigestion. It doesn’t properly align your spine however. Putting a pillow under your knees can help adjust this.

Comfort: Snorers should beware of sleeping on their back. Because your throat muscles are pushed back, slightly constricting your airways, it usually causes snoring.

Only 2% of the teens in the Archers survey slept on their back, however, 12% admitted to snoring. So sleeping on your side might be a cause of snoring, but changing your sleeping position might not be the cure.

Personality type: Usually a reserved person. Having your hands above your head could mean you’re good at listening to others. However, hands at your sides are an indication you don’t like to be the centre of attention.

Sleeping On Your Front

Health: This quite often causes lower back pain as it pushes the lower vertebrae together. It also causes you to turn your head out to the side which puts out the alignment of your spine even further.

Comfort: It can make you wake in the night with breathing difficulties as your face it pressed against the pillow. You’re also more likely to have your feet  stick out the covers. 70% of girls in the survey got cold feet in the night so this is one positon they should stay away from.

Personality type: Can’t take criticism well.  These people might be quite cheeky and loud, but are often insecure.

Sleeping On Your Side

Health: This is the most popular of the sleeping positions, being the choice of 47% of the survey takers. It supports the natural curve in the spine, as long as your pillow  doesn’t let your head to drop past your shoulders.

Putting a pillow between your legs takes the pressure off your back when sleeping on your side.

Comfort: Sleeping on your side can hinder the circulation to your arm if your mattress doesn’t have the right support. Memory foam mattresses are heat sensitive and mould to pressure points – like your shoulder – in the body, this stops the problem.

Personality type: (varies with the positioning of your arms) Arms at your side means you’re fairly easy going, but possibly over trusting. People with their arms reached out, however, are quite stuck in their ways and pessimistic. People who curl their arms and legs into a foetal position (the most common position) are usually resilient, though can be a bit shy.

Here’s hoping you can now get rid of that bad back or poor posture.

Archers Sleepcentre recommends:
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