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Bedsdirect and Mattress24 Go Offline

February 1st, 2012 and, offering free next day delivery of beds and mattresses, have gone offline and their sister bricks and mortar Company, Cannock Beds, has closed down (they were neighbours of ours at Seafield, Edinburgh).

I think back to March 2008 when we first came across Timberband (the parent Company). They were so successful. They rapidly opened a dozen stores in Scotland and we felt threatened and we worried a lot. Cheap beds and cheap mattresses for free next day delivery anywhere in the UK. What could have happened in 4 years?

“There but for the grace of God go I”. In 2008 we were all retail Gods. Not that …continue reading : Bedsdirect and Mattress24 Go Offline

Best Bed at 2012 NEC: Kozee Diamond Crystal

January 26th, 2012

Existential angst is an unremitting condition. The angst us bed buyers crave. And the 2012 NEC furniture show satiated our craving in dollops. The best NEC furniture show ever! And I think we found the best bed.

Let me explain. There was no Staples or Dunlopillo. No Tempur or Sleepeezee. With the demise of the bed brands our thoughts were not polluted by the well meaning but  autocratic choreographers of what a poor bed shop ought to show and sell at what price and in what quantity and at what lead time.

We were like Sergei, that well known Ukranian ballet dancer bunking off for a week from the Royal Ballet. Do our own thing in tights? Wonderful.

But it got better. As we all know, existential angst requires …continue reading : Best Bed at 2012 NEC: Kozee Diamond Crystal

New Bedroom Wardrobes Hit UK Bed Retailer

January 6th, 2012

New Rauch Wardrobes Collection

We are delighted to announce that we have introduced the Rauch wardrobe range of bedroom furniture into all of our stores.

These exceptional wardrobes are manufactured by Rauch Mobelwerke, a German based company, established since 1897. They are one of the most trusted and reputable Furniture manufacturers in Europe.

Their products offer all the features you desire as a customer including; …continue reading : New Bedroom Wardrobes Hit UK Bed Retailer

Wisdom is a memory pillow and wetsafe mattress protector

January 2nd, 2012

It was 4 am and over a Talisker on ice Donna asked me what makes me happy.

Late night metaphysical questions are best discussed naked under the covers with the lights out. But it seemed rude to leave Alan McCarroll in the lounge listening alone to my favourite Mark Oliver Everett album.

So fully clothed I explained that the state of happiness is not a life ambition. The pursuit of wisdom and inner enlightenment (notwithstanding loadsasex and loadsamoney) is the path for the righteous.

And I reflected on the day just passed, the Archers Sleepcentre annual day out.

I was amazed that Dean had slaughtered all and …continue reading : Wisdom is a memory pillow and wetsafe mattress protector

Rauch Wardrobes versus IKEA PAX

December 13th, 2011

For choice, style, versatility and value for money, IKEA PAX extra wide wardrobes are hard to beat .

But I think we have their match: Rauch (German, pronounced like a dog bark with phlegm). 90cm to 350cm, sliding mirrored doors to neat bi-fold hinged doors. Beech to Wenge, tie racks to internal drawers. Rauch has it all.

Over the last 10 days we have built 10 shop displays, 150 wardrobes, and may Ingvar Kamprad strike me …continue reading : Rauch Wardrobes versus IKEA PAX

Michelle Mone needs Aloe Vera Divan

December 3rd, 2011

I met Michelle Mone at Glasgow’s Retail Trust Ball on Wednesday.

From the point of view of an old guy who’s marathons are behind him (5 mins and straight to sleep these days), Michelle is a good looking woman.

Someone said she never looked better. Others that she’s a bit rough and not the type of girl I’d want to hang out with. I have to say she was charming, poised, and strikingly good looking, and may have been equal company to Ms Scotland and Ms England who were also there (I’m not sure why – they must like shopping).

So it made me think what bed the inventor of the Ultimo bra ought …continue reading : Michelle Mone needs Aloe Vera Divan

Best UK Guest Bed is the Supremo Deluxe

November 28th, 2011

The best guest bed you can buy in the UK today is the Kozee Sleep Supremo Deluxe, 3 in 1, guest bed.

Doesn’t price matter? Eh, no. We aren’t sleeping on it ourselves remember.

Kozee Sleep is my second favourite manufacturer of all time. I have been dealing with them since 1993 and I just love asking them to do something really difficult. Because you see, they are programmed always to say yes.

“When I come down to visit, can I have the best home made …continue reading : Best UK Guest Bed is the Supremo Deluxe

Scottish Furniture Annual Charity Dinner

November 17th, 2011

The champagne bar at Glasgow Central overlooks the concourse. Nursing a Baileys with ice (a large one) I mused how I first stood on that concourse 30 years previous. What journey since.

It was the 83rd Scottish Furniture Trades Benevolent Association Annual Dinner. The cream of Scottish industry, Black Tie and Cocktail Dress, James Bond and Ursula Undress. If there had been a look-a-like competition, which would have been lots more fun than the Bingo, Angela and I would have won hands down.

Angela? Angela is my rock. Whenever life gets complicated I listen to her. What I understand soothes me. What I don’t understand, which is quite a lot, I believe without question.  And she hugs me to her bosom as often as …continue reading : Scottish Furniture Annual Charity Dinner

Silentnight Beds and Mattress Show in Glasgow

October 22nd, 2011

Silentnight brought their Salterforth Show Stand to Glasgow: The Grosvenor Hotel on Great Western Road.

Silentnight have at last recognised how important a customer we are (my house is next door). No Greggs sausage roll for lunch but otherwise the show was truly custom made.

So what was there to see and lie …continue reading : Silentnight Beds and Mattress Show in Glasgow

Archers Sleepcentre Internet Celebration

October 3rd, 2011

Our internet office is moving to Hillington and to celebrate the fact we had a night out last Saturday. The Maltman, Glasgow: a Dystopian nightmare of misshapen bodies and twisted minds brought together to celebrate the demon drink.

Home from home for the internet office really.

The deafening sound, the flashing lasers and the fear of one of the dancing dervishes stopping to ask me a question kept me well under cover. I did catch a couple of happenings.

The two new girls had a tiff. “Who was the taller?”. Well, as they are sisters I thought the matter ought to have been settled years ago. I could see the guys thinking that of the possible attributes we might discuss, height wasn’t their first choice. For me I think Sharon has the better… …continue reading : Archers Sleepcentre Internet Celebration