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Dreams Beds Closing Down Sale

March 10th, 2013

Dreams Beds are closing stores across Scotland. Customers will have less choice, but it should allow remaining bed retailers such as ourselves and Bensons for Beds to afford more staff, better service and carry more stock for faster delivery. Which should be good for the customer.

Trading has been hard for a long time. After 23 consecutive quarters of like for like annual sales fall we at Archers have been living on fresh air. How I wish I was a civil servant striking over my reduced pension rights. (I was a civil servant once – so solidarity to the servants I say).

It has been so long since bed retailing was easy I forget. We have lost …continue reading : Dreams Beds Closing Down Sale

Fancy trying a Menage-a-Trois Leather Bed?

February 28th, 2013

There’s no harm in adding a bit of spice to your bedroom with a Ménage-a-Trois faux leather bed frame, but the main purpose of a 6ft wide bed is to provide two people with additional sleeping surface.

It can easily accommodate three people if required, but why not treat yourself to some extra width, even a king size only allows you 2ft 6 each. That’s only 6″ wider than a baby’s cot.

Ok, the Ménage-a-Trois is not a real leather bed frame, but why pay …continue reading : Fancy trying a Menage-a-Trois Leather Bed?

Who needs an en-suite wardrobe?

February 27th, 2013

En-Suite Wardrobe

Have you ever gone to bed after a good night out, then in the early hours, bleary eyed, with your bladder bursting you get up and mistake the wardrobe for the toilet?

Many a man has had that horrible feeling in the morning when they go to the wardrobe and step on the sodden floor, look to the ceiling and realise it wasn’t the roof that leaked.

Just like the king of the jungle where a lion marks his territory, could this be a man’s subconscious way of marking his territory to show he’s the head of the house?

The solution to this problem could be a ‘lazy-man en-suite wardrobe’. …continue reading : Who needs an en-suite wardrobe?

90 x 200 European IKEA Size Single Mattress Review

January 25th, 2013

Product : IKEA size single mattress

Suppliers: Breasley, Deluxe Beds and Kozee Sleep

Options: Medium support, firm support and extra firm orthopaedic support

Delivery Times: Next day or express delivery

Delivery Methods: Free delivery using our one man service to the front entrance

Archers IKEA Size Single Mattress Review

If you have purchased an IKEA single bed frame or you are importing a European single bed frame you will require a mattress that is 90cm wide and 200cm long (3’x 6’6).

European single bed frames and IKEA single bed frames are longer than a standard UK single bed frame that only requires a 90cm x 190cm mattress (3′ x 6’3).

We have introduced a wide selection of IKEA size single mattresses ranging from medium support to firm and extra firm support for those who prefer an orthopaedic support. …continue reading : 90 x 200 European IKEA Size Single Mattress Review

Rauch Extra Large Wardrobes Total Quality

November 18th, 2012

Last month, kicking and screaming I was dragged out to the Rauch wardrobe factory in Freudenberg, Germany.

I consoled myself that I could confirm my prejudices of a company that can’t send my order acknowledgements to the location of my choice and when they get my order they take 6 weeks to deliver.

And there was ample confirmation to be had with lots of expensive equipment of the Wallace and Gromit variety (little gizmos that fill bags with grommets etc). And they are very big – the factory is one third …continue reading : Rauch Extra Large Wardrobes Total Quality

Selling Furniture on the Net is Hard

October 28th, 2012

A recent article quoted a spokesman from Furniture 123 – us retailers ought not to worry about furniture being sold on the net – web is only 5% of sales.

“Bah!”  I thought. “You haven’t worked a shop sales floor for a while mate.” Customers tapping away on their mobiles to find the best deal. Customers with encyclopaedic knowledge putting even the best sales people to the test.

And of course I know exactly what sells on the net, having a web site of my own. And I’ll tell you, if …continue reading : Selling Furniture on the Net is Hard

Feather and Black NBF Internet Retailer 2012

October 9th, 2012

I read in The Interiors Monthly this week that Feather and Black had won the National Bed Federation (NBF) “e-tailer” of the year award 2012.

“Wow” I thought. Despite me trawling through the internet for hours and hours and hours, for years and years and years (at least 3) I hadn’t noticed Feather and Black. Of course we have a Feather and Black Bed store opposite our Great Western Road Glasgow bed shop, so I knew of them – just wasn’t aware they were a top e-tailer.

So congratulations are due! And it has given us other bed retailers pause for thought.

We have made every mistake we …continue reading : Feather and Black NBF Internet Retailer 2012

Highgrove Luxury Beds are the new Lexus

August 25th, 2012

If the Euphoria latex pocket 2000 super king size divan from Highgrove Beds was a car it would be a Lexus RX450h in metallic gold. I want one (of each). Both are hugely comfortable, great to look at and offer total luxury at an affordable price.

So today I visited the Glasgow Lexus dealer and he ran through the figures. One Lexus RX450h equals 50 Euphoria super king divans. Hmmm. But you can fit 3 bikes in the back of the Lexus. The Euphoria sucks as a bike transporter. Luxury pocket sprung mattress? Unbeatable.

Four years ago I promised myself when I first started driving my dad’s old Nissan Almera that when this recession finished I’d treat myself. The Almera has been sold off to a little old  …continue reading : Highgrove Luxury Beds are the new Lexus

Julian Bowen Beds and Furniture

August 18th, 2012

I have been writing cheques made out to Julian Bowen for beds and bedroom furniture since 1993. I did say to Julian this week. Will it ever end? Will he ever send me a cheque?

I can say Julian did buy dinner last week. And a great night was had too. JB may be 66 years old but he still operates at 100mph with fast cars, good living and a wee bit work in between. His stories are legendary. His opinions are legendary. His organisation is legendary. Julian, waist dimension apart, is my legendary role model.

So we were touring Britain, Donna, Robert and me. Looking for ideas and what best to do with our internet site. Which companies are addressing the new challenges and which companies are in tune with the new 21st century trading environment we call the world wide web?

Julian has always recognised that budget furniture …continue reading : Julian Bowen Beds and Furniture

Deluxe Beds Huddersfield

August 18th, 2012

We visited Deluxe Beds in Huddersfield this week and I’m not sure I should be telling the world about this great Bed Company.

It has become my unwritten prejudice that when a bed company invests in expensive machinery prices go up, service goes down, and faulty product goes through the roof. And how do you address the problem of over investing and under thinking bed companies? Go scouting for beds in Batley!

And here is where a gem like Deluxe Beds is found. A company that sticks to its knitting. No million pound …continue reading : Deluxe Beds Huddersfield