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Komfi: Bed and Mattress Review

Manufacturer History

Unknown to many people, memory foam was actually devised by NASA back in 1966, and has been adopted by many bed suppliers as an important filling in mattresses and beds since then.

Memory foam features heavily in the vast range of Komfi products available. It was actually the success of the marriage between memory foam and its supreme comfort for the customer that helped launch Komfi as a bed and mattress business.

Different from run of the mill mattresses, the Komfi mattress has no cavity to allow bacteria and bugs to breed in the mattress, and they firmly believe in the advantages of foam filling over traditional springs.

Komfi work with the NHS to allow them a real insight into the comfort and health benefits of using foam.


The Sleepluxe Pocket Plus Memory mattress is a mattress comprised of visco elastic layering, encapsulated pocket springs and natural wool, creating the optimum in pressure relieving technology to ensure a sound sleep.

The mattress also disperses heat and moisture, keeping you warm in the winter and cool on hot summer nights.

The 1000 pocket sprung base helps keep your spine aligned correctly and targets the pressure points that need extra support.

The Sleepsmart kids mattress is also fantastic for ensuring the comfort of your little ones while they sleep.

It’s so important for children to get a good nights sleep, and that their supple bones are properly supported to enable healthy growth without aches and pains at such a young age.

The Outlast Smart fabric that covers the mattress helps maintain body temperature and disperse moisture, and the 2.5cm layer of memory foam makes certain that your child gets a really restful nights sleep before they bounce back with energy in the morning!

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