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Imperial Wardrobe and the Incredible Bulk

Last Tuesday seven flat packed 2 door Rauch Imperial extra wide wardrobes fell on top of our Auldhouse warehouseman. Have a look at the link. ┬áDavid Blaine and Derren Brown wouldn’t have survived. Calum did, just.

Calum’s good fortune was The Incredible Bulk, our Auldhouse store manager, he was close at hand. Stevie single handedly grabbed the bottom wardrobe and lifted with every sinew. Wardrobes wedged under his back and hunkered down in his preferred Sumo position Calum could roll out.

Not just were these wardrobes impossible to lift, Stevie broke his wrist in the lift. The myths of green skin and torn shirt buttons are a poor imagination of the feat achieved. That Calum, despite excruciating pain, broke nothing, just adds to the unlikeliness of the outcome. Everyone thought he was a gonner. And yet he is already up and about and enjoying the zimmer on loan from The Victoria Infirmary.

Episodes like this capture my imagination somehow. Normal people would be appalled and concerned. But for me, it’s a marvel. I got to the scene about 7pm. The ambulance had come and gone. The shop was quiet. I crept into the warehouse to view the scene – a carnage of wood and packaging strewn everywhere. I thought to tidy it all up until I found that nothing would budge. Like pick up sticks for giants, this job was far too big for me.

Stevie and Calum. True brothers in arms. I am almost envious.

Which brings me to the second thought I had that night. Karma. Too often I find that bad thoughts or deeds result in bad things happening. Like when the Bed Shed in Candleriggs burned down in 2001 my first reaction was happiness. 3 months later our shop front at Great Western Road blew in from a hurricane.

And last Tuesday we discovered that bedsdirect and mattress24 websites had gone offline. We all know we need competition but at that very moment the immediate feeling was a happy one. 4 hours later Calum was buried under Rauch’s heaviest and biggest wardrobes.

Of course the statistician in me says it is a statistical fact that coincidences happen. No connection should be made. Like CO2 and temperature you must be pretty damn sure there is a true correlation. But despite my cynicism of Global Warming I am a sucker for “what goes round comes round.”

So I drove home last Tuesday night resolved to be a nicer person. Going to tell everyone I love them and I will let Robert beat me at golf this summer.


Editors Note: We have just introduced wardrobe centres to all our stores. Backed by Rauch we have a stunning display of sliding wardrobes, wardrobes with bi-fold doors and a huge choice of sizes, colours and internal accessories. If you like IKEA wardrobes, you are going to like these. And unsurpassable quality.


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