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Who needs an en-suite wardrobe?

En-Suite Wardrobe

Have you ever gone to bed after a good night out, then in the early hours, bleary eyed, with your bladder bursting you get up and mistake the wardrobe for the toilet?

Many a man has had that horrible feeling in the morning when they go to the wardrobe and step on the sodden floor, look to the ceiling and realise it wasn’t the roof that leaked.

Just like the king of the jungle where a lion marks his territory, could this be a man’s subconscious way of marking his territory to show he’s the head of the house?

The solution to this problem could be a ‘lazy-man en-suite wardrobe’.

An ‘en-suite wardrobe’ could be the ideal, multi-purpose piece of bedroom furniture, offering hanging space, a toilet with flushing cistern and a wash-hand basin.

On top of that, there is also ample shelving space above your head to store your supply of toilet rolls and all this can be just a step or two from your own bed.

You could line the wardrobe floor with a Premium Towelling Waterproof  Cover from Protect-A-Bed.  Not only will this keep the wardrobe  floor dry, it is nice and soft on your feet.

Of course, not every man needs an en-suite wardrobe, that’s why Archers offer a wide selection of flat packed wardrobes or fully assembled wardrobes to choose from.

Most of our flat packed bedroom ranges are available with a FREE next day delivery service, where as fully assembled bedroom furniture ranges have to be delivered by a two-man service that’s chargeable and can take a few weeks for delivery.

An en-suite wardrobe could be the perfect  space-saving combination wardrobe for smaller bedrooms or flats.

If you feel drained and need to relieve yourself from the pressure of buying the right wardrobe to suit your needs, then call our sales team on 0141 892 0308.

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