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Cure for Cold Feet: warm bed, iron, decaffeinated coffee

Twice as many women than men suffer from cold feet – 70% of women in fact – a recent survey by Archers Sleepcentre revealed.

It’s something we’ve all found out to be true the hard way (by having them pressed against your back in the morning) and this survey prompted me to find out how to get rid of these mood-killers lingering below my ankles.

Socks. This is the obvious answer, but only 12% of people in the survey wear socks to bed. You can now buy socks warmers, water bottles for your feet and even ‘foot-gloves’.

None of these, however, stop you looking like a wally when you climb into bed with your feet wrapped up like a new born baby. Or even worse still, when you step out the house in socks and sandals. I wanted a serious cure, socks just wasn’t it.

Less coffee and no smoking. Excessive caffeine and nicotine can constrict your blood vessels and cause this dreaded poor circulation that gives us cold feet.

To add to that, the constriction causes high blood pressure and migraines – so is it really time to quit?

Iron rich diet. An iron deficiency is more common in women than men, and one side affect is that it slows down circulation.

What is happening is the body cannot efficiently produce red blood cells which means the transportation of nutrients in the blood slows down. This can lead on to anaemia, but for those of us who just have icy toes an increase of iron in your diet could do the job.

So it’s liver for dinner from now, all complaints to the chef please.

A memory foam mattress. Memory foam is designed to soften when it comes into contact with warm surfaces and moulds itself to the sleeper’s body shape.

As a result it reduces the pressure points on your body. Less pressure points create better blood circulation et voila, warm feet.

The only true advice I can lend on the matter however is this: no matter how cold your feet are, stay away from those frightening socks and sandals.

Archers Sleepcentre recommends:
Sunset 250 Memory Foam Mattress
Kaymed Palermo 1600


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