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Cream super king size leather beds

Is there a demand for 6ft super king bedsteads in cream leather? Actually, the ones on offer are stone coloured. If there is, what will people be prepared to pay for them?

I have been offered 40 of the said stone coloured 6ft beds that can be retailed at under £200. They look like our Vienna bed which sells well as a double bed at £199. The question is should I buy these 6 footers? If I did I’d want them all sold in 6 weeks – we have ordered 80 new 6ft leather sleigh beds direct from China to arrive end of August.

Ever since UK furniture manufacturers packed up and left the scene to Marco Polo and his importing friends, super king bedsteads have been virtually impossible to source. Importers only want to bring in volume beds and so 4ft and 6ft beds are often neglected. And yet there is real demand for these less popular bed sizes.

It looks very much like we will have to do our own thing and buy these non standard bed sizes dircct from China. We are putting our toe in the water. Meantime we need to advertise for very wide customers who need these very wide beds.

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