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Cheapest Cosmo Double Leather Bed

Leather beds have finally found their true niche: Cheap.

It was only 5 years ago that Texstyle World displayed button studded monster sleigh beds in scarlet red. And all for £799. But after every Bordellos proprietor, MSP and taste free eejit in Scotland had bought their dream bed, the market collapsed.

Next came the reasonably priced leather bedstead in brown. A wee scroll top perhaps. Extra deep side rails and maybe even contrasting stitching. Only £499. If you wear £100 leather brogues and have a side parting you probably bought one of these beds. A bed frame just can’t be good unless it’s expensive and smells of old shoes can it?

But finally the bed world saw sense. Some stories really do have a happy ending. Faux leather double beds that retail at £99. Faux is pronounced “foe” and is a scientific French term for false or plastic to those with degrees in material science.

We have our Prado, our Cosmo and if you want something better again our Vienna. If you really want to push the boat out we have our super king leather sleigh beds: Astrid and Marseille (faux of course).

So look everyone. Visit us and try out our leather beds. Smell them, caress them, lie on them. See if you can tell which ones are leather and which ones are plastic. You can have white, black, brown, cream or pink. No scarlet.


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