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Cluster Ball Hollowfibre Pillow Review

Snugfit, the UK’s leading pillow, duvet and mattress protector manufacturer, has brought out a new pillow to their range – the Cluster Ball hollow fibre pillow. With a name like Cluster Ball we had to try it. We are very impressed.

There are various patented variations of the now ubiquituous hollow fibre pillow and they all enjoy some unlikely naming conventions. Quite frankly most of these pillows are hardly worth remembering (I’ve forgotten them all already) but you are going to remember the Cluster Ball.

So what is so good about the Cluster Ball pillow? First it will retail at £10. Expensive for a hollow fibre pillow you might say, but miles cheaper than latex, memory foam or goose feather. And in a sample size of one (ie me) I would be tempted to choose it over my Dreamfinder visco memory foam pillow that I sleep on every night. I sleep like a log, but the Cluster Ball could let me sleep like a tree. It would be another excuse for not making the office at 9am.

Hollow fibre, in the context of pillows, is a polyester thread that is hollow, ie the thread is a tube. From recollection it was invented by DuPont in the 1970′s and its benefit is that it has a very low density and can make fluffy light weight pillows and duvets. Yes I know this description wouldn’t pass the wikipedia editorial, but I can’t find any link on Google to take you to.

Over the last few years latex and memory foam have dominated the pillow market. There are still some troglodytes who like sleeping on freshly plucked bird feathers. Hollow fibre is the third way, and I’d recommend you don’t discount hollowfibre out of hand. So come in and try out our Cluster Ball. It should be hitting our stores any day now.

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