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Choosing a Wooden Bedstead

If you are thinking about replacing your bed for a newer one, then be prepared to make a very difficult decision.

There are a lot of available cheap single bed frames nowadays which provides you with so much options. If, for instance, you want to go for a very modern but at the same time simple, then metal single bed frames are the perfect ones for your bedroom.

Or you can also consider having leather single bed frames if you want a more luxurious feel to your room. But if you want to go for singe bedsteads that are more traditional and classy, then perhaps wooden single bed frames will be the best choice.

Why Wooden Single Bed Frames?

Of all the other materials available in making bed frames, the wood is the most commonly used.

In fact, even in the olden days, bed frames were made from high quality wood and are crafted only by the best craftsmen during those days. They were fashioned with ornate designs, often concentrating on prominent patterns like curves and floral designs. The frames are also very bulky as most bed frames that were made during those days were intended for wealthy people.

But as the years progressed, the use of wooden single bed frames have undergone huge changes due to the many style influences of the era as well as the unending clash between style and functionality.

A typical modern design tends to have a more basic square cut and A very clean finish. It also has very minimal carvings and patterns because they border on providing quality rather than focusing on the aesthetic. However, there are still a lot of wooden bed frames that have great designs that can help add some luxury and design to the space.

What Are The Different Types?

If you are thinking of actually changing into wooden single bed frames, then it will probably be essential to know the different wood types that were used as main materials in producing the frames.

You need to remember that different types of wood as well as the different styles and finish can create different feel in the room. To help you find the perfect type, here are a few examples:

Pine Wood Bed Frames

Pine wood is one of the most common wood types that is used for bed frames.

It is soft enough to mold into great bed frame pieces but at the same time sturdy to support heavy weight. It has a light color which is why it is often used for modern wood bed frame designs.

Oak Wood Bed Frames

Wooden single bed frames made from oak wood has a rich quality to it as oak is known to be a type of wood that exudes luxury because of its brown color.

It is one of the most durable wood used in furniture making and it gives off a look of rustic especially if it is finished in an antiquated way.

Cherry Wood Bed Frames

Bed frames that are made from cherry wood will definitely have that luxurious wine red colour that turns darker as it ages.

This is the type of wood that is preferred by the many as it really sturdy and it can last for centuries. In addition to this, cherry wood is also easy to maintain as it does not easily rot especially if cared for properly.

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