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Choosing the Correct Mattress

The first rule of mattress buying, is spend as much as you can afford. A mattress of higher quality will have double the number of springs as a cheap one providing greater support across the mattress.

A good mattress will give slightly on your pressure points like the shoulders and hips, whilst supporting your lower back. A good rule of thumb here is to lie on your back and slide your hand into the hollow of your back. If it fits in easily and there is a gap, the mattress could be too firm. If it is difficult to get in at all, then the mattress is probably too soft.

Our team at Archers Sleepcentre will be only to happy to help you in the quest for your perfect mattress!

Recommended Products from Archers Sleepcentre

Kaymed Sunset 150 Super King Size Mattress

Silentnight Prestige Ortho Super King Size Mattress

For further information, please call Archers Sleepcentre on 0141 892 0308 and speak to a member of staff.


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