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Cheap leather sleigh beds for sale?

Last week, Robert Hunter, our bed buyer, made a UK tour looking for new bedsteads and especially a replacement for our cheap Darcy double sleigh bed, a huge success at £149 and now virtually out of stock.

It has been a demoralising time for bedstead importers with the falling pound and falling sales. Only the the very best bed wholesalers look as if they are going to survive and we are almost giving up on them all. But Robert reckons we have found a winner with LPD which I believe stands for Leeds Plywood and Doors. And he is about to place an order for a fantastic new leather sleigh bedstead.

Ok, so the guys and girls at LPD aren’t the hottest at coming up with a great company name, but they appear to know what a well constructed bed looks like, and just as important they know how to handle them. So many of these beds come over from China in perfect condition until they get unloaded at the mad axe-mans warehouse and bedstead abbatoir.

We have also bought a very low cost simple double leather bed from LPD that is retailing at £129. We are trialing them at our Glasgow South, Nether Auldhouse store. At £129 they should prove very popular, but we wait and see…..

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