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Archers Stirling Bed Shop Now Open

Our Stirling Bed Superstore, at Springkerse Retail Park opened on Saturday to a fantastic fanfare. Greg Summers our resident DJ pumped out the volume, Stuart Purdie doubling as the Silentnight Hippo danced through the streets, and what with the ice cream van, all that was missing was a childrens egg and spoon race. Our opening promotion was 20% off everything from Silentnight and Sealy which really did work a treat. But it was interesting to see what else sold in quantity. In particular our new Kaymed memory foam mattresses which were laid out in the store unencumbered by clearance models which has previously confused the foam story through all our branches. Our new 6ft superking leather bed was another big winner in both senses of the word.

Overall, modesty apart, I can faithfully say that the Stirling bed displays were awsome. Brand new point of sale, brand new stock, new pillow displays, improved lighting and a laser like attention to detail from the manager, Gerry Wilson and his team. Made me very proud.

And the customer reaction from the Stirlingshire folk? Very, very positive. A big sales day to boot.

After the store finally closed I jumped on my push bike and cycled the 8 miles or so to Sterling Mills at Tillicoultry. I parked up beside what could be argued Scotlands finest furniture store. I had never been before. Sterling is too up market for me to be shopping in. It was closed of course, but I gazed at the impressive facade and thought Рnow Stirling folks have two places to buy a bed.

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3 Responses to “Archers Stirling Bed Shop Now Open”

  1. Pantani Says:

    The commas are here, but where are the apostrophes? Childrens? Scotlands? Thankfully there is only one.
    Also it’s more than two weeks since the last blog. Come on, your readers are waiting.

  2. Ian Archibald Says:

    Now let me think. CJR? Is it Cyril J Arthur Rathbone? Junior Common Room spelt wrong? No, I know, as do the Northern Irish Constabulary from 1985. How are you big boy?

    Strangely the Apostrophe society did invite me to join them once. We had a fight over 100′s of beds 100′s of bargains. They insisted it should read 100s of bed 100s of bargains. One hundred Austrian Schillings for a bed I said. They continued to demur I’m afraid. Ever since, I have thrown away the apostrophe especially whenever html code is involved. Don’t trust the google bots to be able to handle apostrophes or apostrophe’s, or apostrophes’ correctly.

    Alas I must get on with my next blog. Great to hear from you CJ. Say hello to Reginald.

  3. Ian Archibald Says:

    Pedants unite against these pedaphobics. No one puts babe in the corner.

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