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Archers Sleepcentre New Facebook

It is hard for 60 staff in 11 different locations to get to know each other. So we have set up a new Archers Company Facebook account to help us all keep in touch.

We have kicked things off with staff biographies and loads of picture albums (mug shots, other halves, kids, pets and cars). I hope we will get biographies and pictures of all our staff and all our suppliers and over time everyone will get to know each other that much better.

I haven’t really got to understand how Facebook works. Still struggling over tagging photos and I’m not sure that some of the comments that are being made might be going to places that perhaps they shouldn’t. I guess we will know when we get the lawyers letters.

It is also confusing that there are now several Archers Facebook accounts set up by other organisations on our behalf and now long gone. How do you remove a Facebook Account when you haven’t got the password or username? This one isĀ btw.

Anyhow I am hoping that we will get people to contribute. It would be nice to think we are swapping technical aspects about beds. But I will be entirely happy if we can share the joys and the not so joys of selling beds.

I also need advice how to install an i-pod connection to the car radio of a Vauxhall Corsa.

And do read the staff biographies (“stories”). I think they are quite insightful. They offer good reasons to look for a new job.

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