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600 Backcare Elite mattresses for sale at bargain prices

A man from Sealy phoned me up last week and said “I have the deal of the millennium for you.” “We have 600 Sealy Backcare double mattresses at more than 30% off. They are going to go like hot cakes.”

What you going to do?”

Well I bought the lot.

I am pleased to say that as from today we have reduced our Backcare Elite double mattress from £329 to £229. Sealy always have made the best orthopaedic mattresses in the world. Now everyone can afford one.

We also bought 250 double Sealy memory support mattresses at a similar reduced cost and reduced our price from £399 to £249.

I am going to ask Paul to put a comment on the product pages to tell people that these reductions are real. However it is hard to get people to believe you.

But I never tell a lie in my blog. I’d rather sleep on a Rest Assured Prestige Ortho 1400. Did I really say that?

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