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2010 NEC Furniture Show – Beds Review

After 17 years of NEC furniture shows I feel qualified now to offer my review.

First. This was the smallest show I ever remember. No Silentnight or Sealy. No Cumfilux or Sleepeezee. No Halls 6, 7 or 8. Even with 3 hard nights on the booze I was fresh as a daisy and could remember who I’d spoken to and what I had bought. This is a first in 17 years.

The highlight of the show had to be Kaymed Beds once again. Their stand was very close to the entrance of Hall 5 and having the best beds at the show I frequently stopped for a quick 40 winks. We have bought one of their new “budget” range divans which will retail at £899. They are responding to Salus who have set up a very similar product proposition and Salus are doing fantastic business. Salus will only supply you if you are over 60 and haven’t heard of the internet. A winning strategy with the gilded second generation furniture stores. Worked for Parker Knoll and Ducal too I remember.

We love Salus because they are invigorating Kaymed to design amazing beds at fantastically low prices. Our feeling is that Kaymed are keeping one step ahead. Let’s hope we have backed the winning nag.

More than ever oak and leather have become like a cancer spreading to the outer reaches of the bedroom furniture universe. Dark furniture and white bedroom furniture are fighting back. Pine is dead and where is beech? Lost in the melting ice caps. The Dodo of the 21st century. We haven’t given up on Mr Beech. We shall keep looking.

Other notable mentions must include Bentley. We only buy Rebecca headboards from Bentley but we got a lovely cup of tea and some of their beds were very tempting if we could persuade millionaires to visit our stores. Julian Bowen was in good form as usual. Keeps telling me how well our internet competition is doing which spurs me on to handcuff our internet team and give em a good whipping.

Anyway I can’t give away all our buying secrets. So if you want to know our really smart buys you’ll just have to come and visit us.

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