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Silentnight Divan Beds and Mattresses

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Silentnight Beds and Mattresses

Leading UK Brands: Silentnight Beds at Archers

We offer Silentnight divans & mattresses for sale at the UK's lowest prices. Our cheap Silentnight Beds are excellent for people on a strict budget or those looking for a kids bed. Our Silentnight single beds are particularly appropriate for childrens rooms, as we will go into later.

Silentnight Miracoil springs, memory foam and latex Silent night mattresses. Divans with storage drawers, single childrens beds to super king size divans.

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Silentnight has been manufacturing beds for over 60 years and are firmly established as a top UK furniture “brand”. They sell more beds and mattresses in the UK than any other manufacturer - and for good reason too. The beds offer superb comfort and support at very affordable prices. And Silentnight beds, be assured, are designed to last.

The Silentnight mattress technology is based around the Miracoil spring system. The benefits are cleverly demonstrated by their famous hippo and duck routine. Both a hippo and a duck can share a Silentnight bed, undisturbed and happy together, both getting outstanding comfort and support.

How can that be? The technical facts are described in our expert bed advice section. It is sufficient here to say that the result is a range of mid market divan beds and mattresses that offer quality workmanship at a very affordable price.

Each divan bed comes with a 5 year warranty and from our experience, faulty workmanship at Silentnight is rare indeed. Their beds are exhaustively tested. It gives us all piece of mind when Silentnight say that a new material or a new technology has passed their laboratory tests. If it’s good enough for Silentnight then it will be good enough for the whole industry.

You can depend on Silentnight. And with good luck we will all be buying Silentnight beds in another 60 years time.

Do you need a new bed? The Sleep Council offers some advice to find out whether or not your current sleeping space is still doing its job.

It has a list of ten questions to see if your bed passes its "bed MOT". If it is older than seven years, if it has lumps, if you are not waking up refreshed in the morning, or if it sags, then it may well be time to get rid of it and buy something new.

But if you are going to be making an investment in a new bed or mattress, you may feel daunted and not know which name is best to go for.

However, if you chose from Silentnight's range of beds and mattresses, you can be sure that you are going with a trusted name that has years of experience.

Silentnight single bed divans

Divan beds are timeless. Though they originate from eastern countries, they have made their way to the west thanks to their style and practicality.

Silentnight has plenty of them for a single person, with storage space available in the base and a choice of finishes so you can sleep on whatever surface you like.

With their deep bases and sturdy design, Silentnight divan beds look attractive and can be easily slipped into places since they do not have standard frames.

Silentnight double bed divans

You can still enjoy the comfort and style of a divan bed if you sleep with a partner.

The double beds from Silentnight can easily accommodate two sleepers and come with all the same choices and selections as the single range.

Again, you can have drawers in the base for storage and enjoy good support from the thick mattresses.

Whatever the choice, you and your partner will rest easy in a Silentnight divan.

Silentnight kids' beds

If you are looking for something for a little one or a youngster, Silentnight can cater for small people as well as fully-grown ones.

Not only are they properly scaled down, but the childrens' beds from Silentnight are designed to make going to bed a fun experience, with bright colours and attractive pictures and shapes.

Whether you have an active little fighter, a pretty princess or an adventurous type for a child, there will be a bed among the range to suit their personality.

Added to this is medium-firm support for little backs and growing bones and you can be sure your youngster is resting properly.

Silentnight single bed mattresses

Having chosen a base, you will want to select a good, supportive mattress to keep you comfortable all night long. With Silentnight, you can choose from a range of firmness levels and different types of cover.

And of course, if it is a single Silentnight mattress, you need only please yourself!

Micro-quilted covers are one option, or you may prefer a knitted stretch surface to lie on.

Spring systems keep them bouncy and supportive.

Silentnight double bed mattresses

Even if you need to factor someone else into your choice of mattress, Silentnight will have something you can both rest easy on.

Quality is the chief concern for the brand, which also makes use of its Miracoil 7 system in its mattresses.

This spring system is designed to give comfort and support and Silentnight believes it to be just as good as more standard pocket springs.

Still, if you prefer to stay traditional, ordinary springed mattresses are available as well.

Choose Archers

According to the Sleep Research Centre, getting about seven hours of sleep a night lowers mortality rates. The importance of a good night's rest cannot be underestimated.

If you choose a Silentnight bed from Archers, you can be sure that it will be working every night to keep you supported and help you drift away as best you can. So buy a Silentnight divan bed or Silent night mattress today.

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