Rest Assured Beds and Mattresses

    Rest Assured Beds have been manufacturing the highest quality divans and mattresses since 1898. And with more than 100 years of experience a Rest Assured bed is second to none: support and comfort guaranteed. A great night's sleep guaranteed? Well you have a better than half a chance for sure! 

    For some years Rest Assured have been part of the Silentnight Group that includes Sealy, and of course Silentnight. As part of that group they have become the centre of excellence for pocket sprung technology. All their mattresses employ pocket springs and they provide this spring technology to the rest of the group.

    A Rest Assured pocket sprung mattress is therefore a well researched and excellently engineered product that's guaranteed to give you a great night's sleep.

    It takes a special factory set up to make a good pocket sprung bed and our view at Archers Sleepcentre is that Rest Assured make as good a pocket as any manufacturer in the UK. Of course don't take our word for it. Come to one of our stores and we will show you what we mean.

    A whole range of pocket sprung beds are available from a classic orthopaedic traditional pocket sprung mattress to memory foam. It is the blend of the traditional and the new that makes Rest Assured such an exciting company to work with; quality workmanship using the latest technology and high tech materials. It's not rocket science but you would be surprised what goes in to a Rest Assured bed.

    Each spring is precision wrapped in an individual bag to keep the right spring tension and allow it to move independently. This means that the springs are ready to adapt and react to the slightest move you make.

    Every Rest Assured mattress is designed for different degrees of comfort and support. Rest Assured devise the perfect spring and filling combinations giving you a fantastic variety of comfort choices.

    The result? A wide range of beds and mattresses that are so sumptuously luxurious and comfortable, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one. A Rest Assured mattress is a true luxury to behold. Enjoy the pocket sprung comfort and support in your bedroom and Buy a Rest Assured bed Today.