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Mattresses: All Sizes

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A good mattress will make a huge difference to your sleep. The most common request is for a firm orthopaedic mattress which of course we have for sale. However there is more to a mattress than firmness and at Archers we look to find the correct level of comfort and support for each individual person.

For example, a childrens bed mattress needs to be a bit softer to allow for a child being lighter. For people with a bad back we would recommend a zoned system, eg Silentnight Miracoil or Sealy Posturepedic, where your hips and shoulders are especially supported.

There are a huge variety of mattresses on the market today and we are pleased to advise you whether you are looking for a mattress for the spare guest bed or a super king size mattress for the master bedroom.

Our sprung mattresses use one of three types of spring system:

Open coil - 3 inch diameter, inter-connected spring units that make a low cost, robust and comfortable sprung mattress. The lower the spring gauge the thicker the wire and the firmer the mattress.

Flexiform - includes proprietary brands such as Sealy and Silentnight. There are approximately twice as many springs than open coil offering a much more responsive sleep surface.

Pocket sprung - individual unconnected small springs, very responsive and shape forming. There are typically 3 to 4 times more springs in a pocket sprung mattress than in an open coil mattress.

Foam mattresses and especially memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They have the advantage of being extremely light and very durable. It is a quirk of the UK bed market that we British like our springs. The Europeans have always been huge fans of foam and with modern technology the foam mattresses are a hard act to follow.

Note that throughout our web site, we use three categories for firmness - extra firm, firm and medium firm. As a rule the lighter you are the softer you need the mattress. Kids mattresses especially are made a little bit softer.

When it comes to a good bed, it tends to be the mattress that makes or breaks its comfortableness.

Too soft a mattress can mean a lot of tossing and turning, while an overly firm one can lead to back pain and general discomfort. Luckily, there are a wide range of mattresses that you can now choose from at Archers Sleepcentre, with each catering to a specific need.

For example, you can get orthopaedic ones especially designed for those with back problems, while memory foam mattresses are advanced products that mould themselves to your body shape, meaning that you can get a perfect night's sleep.

As the Sleep Council states, how you achieve night-time comfort is completely down to individual preference, so it's important to make sure you get the best mattress for you.

Mattresses at Archers

Archers Sleepcentre has a variety of mattresses in all kinds and sizes to suit your preferences. There is no such thing as a best mattress, however we have a helpful sales team that can certainly help find the right one for you.

With the type of bed likely to be important when it comes to dealing with sleeping problems or conditions - check out the Sleep Apnoea Trust for more information - it's never been more important to pick the right mattress for you.

Remember that with our competitively priced bed mattresses comes a free next day delivery service. So make sure you don't miss out, Buy Today.

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