Mattress Toppers

Visco elastic mattress toppers are a cheap solution to an overly firm bed. A UK best buy, they are not, however, an alternative to replacing a worn mattress. But they certainly offer some additional comfort.

Our generous 2 inch, 5cm thick mattress toppers offer the benefits of visco elastic memory foam at an unbelievably low cost.

Memory foam, as a material, is both temperature and pressure sensitive. It moulds to your body contours and relieves high pressure areas. This improves blood circulation and means you won't be tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The high density visco foam mattress toppers use open cell technology that is breathable. It encourages airflow through its pores and means you won't overheat at night. If you are prone to feeling discomfort through being too hot at night, maybe a latex mattress is a better solution - since latex is not as heat sensitive.

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If your mattress is too hard or you want to add a touch of memory foam comfort, then a mattress topper may be the answer. The mattress topper lies on top of the mattress and you place your sheets over both. An elasticated mattress protector also helps to keep the topper in place.

To fully protect the topper and mattress, check out the mattress protectors we have on offer. Or if you're desperate to improve your sleeping experience then consider a memory foam pillow as the next step.

Like all things, you get what you pay for and sometimes it’s worth considering just buying a new mattress. You might be pleasantly surprised how much mattress you get for the money. And of course a mattress topper won’t extend the life of a mattress that is worn out.