Leather Bed Frames

We have a huge range of leather bed frames and bedsteads for sale; from cheap faux leather models to luxury king size sleigh beds.

There's also brown, black, cream and white leather variations - including storage options such as drawers and ottoman beds.

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Leather bed frames are becoming one of the most popular pieces of bedroom furniture in the UK today. Contemporary and modern, luxurious and warm, a leather bed complements most bedroom decors.

Recently prices have greatly reduced with the introduction of synthetic faux leather which is becoming a genuine material of choice over real leather. Real leather suffers from the imperfections of real animal hides and now modern synthetic materials have become almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The most popular colour of leather bed is brown, often referred to as mocha. However black and cream options are also available. Styles tend to be a variation on a sleigh bed style and almost all leather beds are low to the ground. So if you are looking for a low bed you will find a lot to choose from in leather.

Another choice is finish - matt or glossy. Glossy finishes are associated with bicast leather. Bicast is leather that has been reconstituted from shredded leather and the binding process results in a sheen. The effect can be very striking and often contrasting stitching is used to great effect.

The importance of having a good night's sleep is one that has been emphasised by countless studies over the years.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring you get the best sleep possible is by making sure you use a high-quality bed that promotes sound rest.

The Sleep Council says that research has shown replacing an old, uncomfortable bed for a more usable new one can add an extra 42 minutes of sleep to your nightly rest.

When choosing a new bed, you might want to consider the benefits offered by faux leather bed frames when it comes to comfort and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Leather can be easily incorporated into a wide range of bedroom designs and themes and offer a touch of class to your boudoir.

Archers Sleepcentre has a wide range of leather bed frames to choose from for whatever kind of bed you might want.

Single leather bed frames

Luxurious leather needn't just be for huge master bedrooms - you can get a wide range of single leather bed frames for smaller rooms.

A leather bed frame can offer a great finishing touch to a small room that may otherwise be relatively plainly decorated.

For example, if you've painted your single room in simple, light colours such as beige or pale yellow to make the space look bigger, a contrasting leather bed frame in dark brown might be just the thing you need to create a point of interest in the bedroom.

If you're really short on space, bear in mind that you can get single leather bed frames that create extra storage, either by allowing you to stash your belongings under them or by lifting up the mattress to take advantage of the space within.

Double leather bed frames

A double leather bed frame can be ideal for master bedrooms needing that something special to jazz it up and create an eye-catching centrepiece.

With frames available in colours such as cream, brown and black, you can get beds that complement most interior design schemes.

Try teaming a dark brown double leather bed frame with a room decorated in cream; or utilising a darker product as part of a stark, contemporary black and white colour scheme.

A cream double leather bed frame would go perfectly with earth-toned rooms, such as those with brown hues - or more adventurous types could try contrasting the light-coloured frame with walls or furniture in brighter colours such as red or royal blue.

You can get double leather bed frames in a variety of styles, whether your tastes lean towards simple designs or more ornate ones.

King size leather bed frames

As with their double-sized counterparts, king size leather bed frames can be a real showstopper when it comes to bedroom design.

If your room is already highly stylised and embellished with little details, a plain king size leather bed frame could be just what you need to create an eye-catching look without going overboard with frills and decorations.

Alternatively, a bedroom that is plainly painted and features quite simple styles of furniture is crying out for a king size leather bed frame with scroll tops or luxurious detailing on the legs.

Super king size leather bed frames

If you're lucky enough to have room for a super king size bed, why not splash out on a decadently large leather bed frame?

Super king size leather bed frames come in a range of colours and - providing they're teamed with the right linen - can offer that wow factor when you show guests around your home.

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