Kaymed Sunset Memory 250 160 x 200 Euro (IKEA) Size King Mattress

Kaymed Sunset Memory 250 160 x 200 Euro (IKEA) Size King Mattress
£299.99 £379.99
Key Facts:
  • Firm
  • Foam
  • Mattress depth 15 cm
  • Memory Foam

L200cm x W160cm x D15cm

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With the increase of IKEA king size bed frames in the UK today, Kaymed have introduced European sizes to their Sunset range of mattresses, including the best-selling Sunset Memory 250.

Kaymed are the world’s leading foam manufacturers and are recognised for the longevity, resilience and feel of the mattresses they offer throughout their Sunset range.

The Sunset 250 mattress is 15cm in depth and made up of 25mm of body-moulding memory foam on top of a supportive 125mm layer of high density foam.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive and is designed to soften when it comes into contact with warm surfaces and moulds itself to the sleeper’s body shape.

This reduces pressure points on your body and creates better blood circulation, resulting in less tossing and turning by evenly distributing your body weight.

Memory foam mattresses are an ideal sleeping surface for allergy sufferers or asthmatics due to their high level of antimicrobial and dust-mite resistance.

The Sunset 250 has a soft to touch knitted stretch fabric cover that is fitted with a zip around the border that allows it to be removed for cleaning.

Kaymed are so confident in their products that they offer a full 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

So here you get the best memory foam available with the Sunset Memory 250 mattress and although you haven't bought cheap, you know you have bought well.

Technical Specifications


High density stretch fabric cover

Soft to touch and giver the mattress a luxurious feel

 Removable zipped cover

Cover can be removed and machine washed for better hygiene

25mm memory foam top layer

Body moulding and pressure relieving material that reduces tossing  and turning and promotes good blood circulation

125mm high density foam block base

Very supportive hypoallergenic material that is extremely long lasting and comfortable. Low cost and durable

Light weight

Easy to lift when making beds and changing the bed clothes

Easy care no turn mattress

No flipping of the mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe)

Firm support

The most popular level of support that suits all but the heaviest or lightest of people. The majority of our customers choose this support level

Vacuum packed in a roll

Fits easily into most cars for easy transportation

10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Gives you peace of mind that you have purchased from a supplier who have complete confidence in their product

Note: this mattress comes vacuum packed in a roll. Once opened the mattress will take several hours to return to its original shape.