Divan Beds

Why buy a divan bed

With space at a premium in most bedrooms, the beauty of a divan set is its size. They take up less floor space than bed frames and come with a variety of storage options.

What types of bases are available?

Platform top bases are made up of a timber frame with a solid top that provides a firm foundation for your mattress. Cheaper to manufacture, they are the most commonly used divan base.

Sprung bases are more expensive to produce and consist of a shallower frame with springs on top. These springs act as shock absorbers for the mattress, resulting in a more luxurious feel.

Reinforced bases are designed to withstand additional weights and extra wear and tear. They are constructed to a higher standard with extra strapping across the base and thicker top boards.

Are all bases the same height?

The standard depth of a deep base is 40cm with castors or glides, but to cater for fashion conscious people, or simply those who need a lower bed, we offer a choice of base depths.

Modern mattresses can be as deep as 35cm, so to keep the overall height down, we offer base depths from 5" to 10" with castors, silver glides or a choice of leg sizes and styles.

Will my existing headboard fit my new base?

Standard UK headboards are designed to fit UK divan bases so you should have no problem. Note that the bolts to fit them come with the divan and not the headboard, so if you are not ready to fit one right away, make sure you don’t misplace the bolts.

Is there a choice of fabrics and colours?

Primarily divan bases were only available in the same cover as the mattress border, but as fashions changed we now offer a selection of faux suede's, weaves, faux leathers and luxury chenille's.

With up to 16 base colours to choose from, you're sure to find one to match your decor and style. From cream or stone to duck egg blue or post box red, there's something to suit everyone's taste.

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