Deluxe Memory Flex Orthopaedic Extra Long Double Mattress

Deluxe Memory Flex Orthopaedic Extra Long Double Mattress
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Key Facts:
  • Firm
  • Open Coil
  • Mattress depth 26 cm
  • Memory Foam
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From Deluxe Beds, the Memory Flex Orthopaedic is part of a specially designed collection to suit those people who are above average height and require an extra long double mattress.

Average size people can sleep on a standard double mattress, but for taller people who sleep with their feet hanging off the end of the bed, we can do lengths of 6'6 or 6'9.

The Memory Flex Orthopaedic mattress offers a firm support and is upholstered in a quality and soft to touch knitted stretch fabric cover with a hand tufted finish for extra durability.

Its hand tufted finish is achieved by passing a series of tapes through the mattress panels at regular intervals and securing them on each side with a cotton tuft.

The benefit of hand tufting is it pre-tensions the whole of the mattress ensuring the fillings remain firmly in place; resulting in a firmer sleeping surface.

On top of the mattress fillings is a 25mm layer of hypo-allergenic memory foam that’s designed to be temperature sensitive and soften when it comes into contact with body heat.

The memory foam moulds itself to your body profile, eliminating pressure points and creating better blood circulation, resulting in a more restful and comfortable sleep.

The support is provided by a 12.5 gauge open coil unit, one of the firmest used in mattress manufacturing and is made up of rows of hourglass shaped springs connected at the top and bottom by a spiral wire, known as a helical wire. 

Additional strength is added to the mattress border by a thick, rod-edge wire that adds support to the perimeter of the mattress, allowing you to sleep right up to the edge without the sensation of rolling off.

Designed to be one-sided, the Memory Flex Orthopaedic mattress does not need to be flipped over, but does require to be rotated from head to toe regularly.

Our range of extra long double mattresses are 6'6 and 6'9 in length, but if you require an odd-shaped mattress for a specific size call us on 0141 892 0308. 

We can make mattresses to a variety of sizes whether its longer, shorter, wider or narrower, give us a call and we'll find something to suit your needs.

The Deluxe Memory Flex Orthopaedic is ideal for taller people who struggle to find a double mattress, long enough to accommodate their height and keep their feet warm and cosy.

Technical Specifications 



Hand tufted

Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the mattress. Especially important for extra deep mattresses

Soft touch cover

Soft and responsive and gives the mattress a luxurious feel

25mm memory foam top layer

Body moulding and pressure relieving material that reduces tossing and turning and promotes good blood circulation

12.5g open coil spring system

The firmest spring system used in mattress manufacturing. It is supportive and extremely robust and durable. Especially ideal for beds that are likely to take a lot of wear and tear

Heavy gauge rod-edge

A thick perimeter wire that reinforces the mattress edge and helps prevent collapse of the mattress at the edges that are regularly sat on

Easy care no turn mattress

No flipping of the mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe)

Firm support

The most popular level of support that suits all but the heaviest or lightest of people. The majority of our customers choose this support level.