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Childrens Beds

Kids Beds: High Sleepers, Cabin Beds and Bunks

As part of our childrens bed sale, we have a wide collection of budget frames on offer, from low cost metal bedsteads to novelty kids beds with guest under beds.

From wooden bed frames and pink metal bedsteads to excellent value for money single divan beds, any of these are ideal for a childrens bedroom. We also have matching and contrasting high quality bedroom furniture on show.

Our UK childrens beds are solidly built and reliably sturdy. Childrens wooden beds are particularly hardwearing with normal use. A lot of them feature double bolts on all the corners and lacquered finishes to protect the pine or hardwood.

For something a little bit different take a look at our novelty bed collection. These childrens beds can be bought with a guest bed option, which allow kids to have their friends over to stay. They come in a handful of different options, some for girls and some for boys.

If you are searching for an older kids bed then take a look at the low cost Julian Bowen bed frames, ideal for a kids bedroom. Maybe it's a metal bed frame for a boy's bed you are looking for- Take a look at these fantastic online offers - you won't be disappointed.

There could be many reasons why children may have trouble sleeping. Seemingly small things can weigh heavily on young minds, or there may be a physiological problem.

For example, snoring and apnoea can affect people of all ages. Snoring, according to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, is caused by the airway being blocked in some way and is the sound made when the soft palate and tissue in the upper airway move during sleep.

But one thing that can help everyone, including youngsters, enjoy a good night's sleep is a proper bed, made for its purpose.

And at Archers, you can find a range of products designed specifically to help little people get a good night's rest and help them grow.

Single metal bed frame

You could combine stylishness and childishness with a metal frame for a single bed.

A design with a mix of wood and metal will provide the best possible mix of practicality and aesthetics.

One benefit is that its discreet style allows it to blend in with whatever decor there is in the room, which may change as your child grows!

Metal bed frame

A metal bed frame can still be colourful. Archers frames include choices for children who may like to add an individual twist to their beds.

Bright colours are a possibility and even little patterns.

The bed alone can be a statement piece in the room and make the whole place appear brighter. And of course, a bed that fits a child's individual personality can make bedtime an enjoyable experience.

It may not be necessary to have fights over retiring for the night if the bed itself is as pretty as a toy!

Single bed divan

Divans are stylish beds without frames, but they are not just for grown-ups.

A good divan base can provide support for growing bones as they rest - or even several people, if they care to sit on it at the same time. And of course, children do like gathering their friends together for secret meetings in their bedrooms.

You can be sure that an Archers divan is giving your little one the support and comfort they require, both day and night, and trust its durability when several people are sitting on it and gossiping.

Another advantage of divans is the storage space they offer. Generally, they come with drawers built into their thick bases, making it easy to put away toys and books when it is time to go to bed.

Choose Archers

According to the Sleep Trust, more people have been referred for help in the last decade for sleep conditions such as apnoea and snoring.

If your child suffers from these ailments, expert help is needed. But everyone can benefit from a comfortable and supportive bed and mattress, including youngsters.

The Sleep Research Centre says that a proper routine is a good way of making sure that children sleep when they are supposed to and warns parents not to fall for delaying tactics.

A comfortable bed that the child likes could help as well. Thanks to Archers, you can now surely find something to match your child's needs and tastes. Our childrens beds sale is for a limited time only; so don't delay buying your childrens bed frame, Order Today.

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