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Bed Frames and Bedsteads: All Sizes

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Selecting a Bed Frame

A bed frame, or bedstead, is simply a platform on legs that a mattress rests. Our frames normally come unassembled and consist of a headboard, a footboard, side-rails and slats. 

Some bed frames instead of slats may have a wire mesh base. Others may have a solid board, and in a few instances the base may even be sprung. These frames all do the same thing - keep you off the floor and out of harms way!

Reasons to buy a bed frame (rather than a divan)

A bed frame is assembled in the bedroom, so if access is difficult, eg a loft space, a bed frame can usually still be got inside. 

A slatted or mesh base offers improved mattress ventilation over a divan. 

Bed frames are normally lower than a divan. 

Larger items can be stored under a bed frame. 

Bed frames are often seen as more contemporary than a divan and make more of a design statement. 

Bed frames are more easily kept clean – especially good for rented accommodation.

Questions to ask before buying a bed frame

I want a sturdy bed frame – what features should I look for? 

The headboard and footboard should be double bolted to the side rails. 

There should be a centre rail to add extra support to the slats (not necessary for single beds). 

If the slats and side rails are wooden look for big knots. Budget beds may use an inferior timber for these components and knots are the weakest point. 

If the bed is metal check that the welds at the main joints are complete. Low cost metal beds tend to have gaps in the welds. 

It doesn't mean that the bed frame will necessarily fail but you will see the difference if you look at the welds of a more expensive metal bed. You make your own choice.

Will my existing mattress fit?

British beds and mattresses are made to UK standard sizes (single bed, small double bed, double bed, king size bed, and superking bed). So normally there is no issue. 

However if you have bought your mattress from IKEA it will be a European size, either 140cm x 200cm or 160cm x 200cm. European sizes are different and IKEA mattresses won’t fit a UK bed.

Is a bed frame the same dimension as a mattress?

Not normally. A mattress usually sits inside a bed frame with the bedstead legs and headboard forming a surround. So, for example, a double bed frame could be 150cm wide whereas a UK double mattress is only 135cm wide. The difference in width is the thickness of the bed frame legs. 

There are some frames that are designed for the mattress to sit on top rather than inside the frame. So if you are tight for space ask us and we will point you to a suitable frame (metal mesh base beds are often built this way).

Is my mattress OK to rest on a slatted base?

Some pocket sprung mattresses require a solid base (or slats with a small spacing). However you can buy inexpensive pegboard from any timber yard to cover the slats which solves the problem. 

Nowadays almost all mattresses, including pocket sprung mattresses, are designed to work with slatted bases.

Do bed frames require any maintenance?

Yes. After the first few weeks re tighten all the bolts. Fixings tend to loosen on the first build, but after re tightening an annual check should be sufficient.

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