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Bedsteads: All Frame Sizes including Extra Long, Wooden, Leather, Metal and Fabric

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Bed Frames

Bed Frames and Bedsteads at Archers Sleepcentre

We offer quality bedsteads and bed frames for sale from cheap metal beds to luxury leather sleigh beds. At Archers we show a huge range of cheap UK bed frames to suit every type of customer.

Solid wooden beds, beech, oak and pine beds to modern childrens beds. Black and white beds, ottoman beds and beds with storage drawers.

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A bed frames is often bought with a matching suite in mind. Our metal and leather bed frames can complement a wide range of bedroom furniture.

Out of our Wooden bed frames, oak, pine and rubber wood are the most popular. Rubber wood, a harvested timber from the Far East is especially versatile and shows well in a mahogany or teak finish.

The most popular style for children is the single pine spindle bed. For the master bedroom, it's shaker style beds, leather sleigh beds and contemporary low metal beds. The choice is yours! 

A bed frame or bedstead consists of a headboard, a footboard, 2 side rails and slat supports for the mattress. Some metal bed frames will come with a wire mesh base. Others, particularly antique bedsteads, will come with a covered divan box that fits inside the bed frame.

Bed frames all need to be assembled in the room they are going to be used. It is one piece of bedroom furniture that just won’t fit through the bedroom door. Fortunately they are designed for easy self assembly and come with instructions and fittings. You may need a screwdriver though. Spanners or Allen keys, if required, are normally supplied.

Our UK bed frames are designed to be used with British standard size mattresses.



90cm x190cm


150cm x 200cm

Small Double

120cm x 190cm

Super King

180cm x 200cm


135cm x 190cm



 If you have a European size bed frame, e.g. from IKEA, we can supply mattresses to fit those sizes too.

One tip, 2 weeks after you have built your bed frame go back and tighten all the bolts. The squeaky bedstead is easily fixed.

How did you sleep last night? If your bed frame is in need of repair or replacement, then chances are you did not get the best quality rest that you could have done.

The Sleep Council offers a useful "MOT" to see if your bed needs to be replaced, which may help to determine whether or not you need a new bed frame.

If a bed has a worn out or used appearance, if the legs or base of the bed frame are wobbling or bumpy, or if you often wake up with aches and not feeling refreshed, it may be that the bed, or the frame, needs replacing.

At the same time, a comfortable and supportive bed can still be stylish and make an attractive piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Single bed frames

Even if a bed is for a child, it can still be chosen to express personal taste as well as offering a good, restful night.

Single bed frames can be metal or wooden in construction and are often available in several finishes. They can look traditional, contemporary or modern- even being painted in bright colours to make bedtime an enjoyable experience for little ones.

At Archers you can choose from a solid, filled bed frame, that's sturdy and robust; a slatted one that provides a firm feel; or a more delicate looking style with decorative headboards and footends. You can be confident, though, that even light and slim single bed frames are well capable of supporting a mattress and sleeper throughout the night.

If single bed frames are a little too small but standard double ones are too large, you may look at "small double" sizes, which measure four feet across. 

Double bed frames

The next step up in size is double bed frames. Once again, a choice of styles is available. You might like traditional wooden ones with solid headboards, or more wiry looking models. Some "statement" looks can work well on larger beds. The colour scheme in a master bedroom may be a little bolder than in other areas of the house, so consider dark fake leather or more silvery finishes to metal frames. 

Another feature to look for in a double bed is a sprung slatted base. The natural bounce of sprung slats responds to the pressure you exert on it, profiling your body shape. This provides a greater degree of comfort and support, helping you sleep peacefully at night.

King size bed frames

If your bed is 5ft wide, it will probably dominate the room, so choose it wisely. Depending on how strong the colour scheme in the room is, the size of the rest of the furniture and the overall appearance of the room, a king size bed frame could be overpowering.

Should you decide the bed needs toning down, you could choose a simple metal frame in muted tones such as brass or nickel. Thin spokes in the headboard or footend will help to keep the overall appearance more subtle.

If, however, you want the bed to be a focal point to the room, you might opt for a fabric such as fake leather or suede in strong colours. It may also be a reason for a slightly more adventurous choice in style, such as a sleigh bed design.  

Super king size bed frames

They sound enormous, and indeed at six feet wide they are sizeable, but super king size bed frames are still about the same measurement as two ordinary single beds. If you have a large bedroom and two people sleeping in it, do not automatically assume that a super king size bed will be too big.

However, bear in mind that they will inevitably draw attention from within the room and so choose your frame with care. Weigh up the best colours and consider a fabric such as faux leather to keep the bed looking impressive enough to carry its own super size.

Choose Archers

According to the Sleep Research Centre, people who sleep for seven hours a night have the lowest mortality rate.

Help to boost your health with a proper bed frame from Archers.

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