6ft x 6ft 6 Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Fully Encased Waterproof Super King Size Mattress Protector

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Key Facts:
  • Fully encased 100% waterproof cover
  • Dust mite and allergy protection
  • Extra deep sides
  • Washable at 60ºc
  • 10 year stain guard guarantee

L200cm x W180cm

  • FREE day of choice delivery
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Supplied by Protect-A Bed, the AllerZip is a fully enclosed 6ft waterproof mattress protector that provides total protection for a sterile, healthy and allergy free sleep zone.

The super king size AllerZip mattress cover is 100% waterproof and will not allow any spillages or body fluids to penetrate its cover, resulting in a clean and hygienic mattress.

It creates an ideal sleeping environment for allergy sufferers as it has a breathable Miracle Membrane backing that acts as a barrier, preventing dead skin from entering the mattress.

The mattress protector boasts a 3 sided zipper system that features Bug Lock and Secure Seal, a scientifically proven closing devise.

The zipper system creates a tamper proof and secure encasement that prevents allergens from entering or becoming airborne from the mattress. 

It has a polyester surface that is quiet and comfortable and totally protects the complete mattress sides and border. It can accommodate a depth of up to 13” (32cm).

An additional feature of the AllerZip mattress protector is its 10 year stain-guard guarantee. If the protector becomes defective during this time due to a manufacturing fault and your mattress becomes stained, Protect-a-Bed will arrange for it to be professionally cleaned.

Should the cleaning process fails and the stain cannot be removed, your mattress will be replaced free of charge, as long as it’s purchased at the same time as the AllerZip mattress protector.

A new mattress can quickly become stained due to body moisture or an accident, so it’s vital to take care of it by covering it with a mattress protector. The Protect-A-Bed AllerZip mattress protector will ensure it stays stain free and allergy free.

Technical specifications 


100% waterproof

No body fluids or spillages will penetrate the protector, resulting in a stain free and sterile mattress.

Smooth polyester surface

The protector has a smooth, quiet and comfortable surface that wil not change the feel of the mattress.

Fully encased with polyester sides and bottom

The cover fully protects both side and the border of the mattress. It is secured around three sides with a zip that allow it to be removed for cleaning. Do not dry-clean.

360° Miracle Membrane backing

The Miracle Membrane backing is breathable and cool to sleep on. It acts as an allergen and dust mite barrier for the mattress.

Bug lock and secure seal

A patented and scientifically proven closing devise that ensures a bed bug and allergen entry and escape proof system.

Allergen flap

Prevents allergens from becoming airborne through the zipper teeth and seams.

Double stitched French seams

Strengthens the border seams and prevents allergens from becoming airborne through the stitching

10 year stain guard guarantee

Should the protector become defective and your mattress becomes stained, Protect-A-Bed will arrange for it to be professionally cleaned. If the stain cannot be removed your mattress will be replaced, if purchased at the same time as the protector.